Open-toe sandals are always in fashion!

A woman cannot imagine herself without stylish shoes. Thousands of its varieties reside in the female wardrobe. However, the classics of summer shoes are still sandals.

Features and Benefits

Sandals, as a version of the summer wardrobe, is notable for its lightness and breathability, for which we love all the fashionistas of the world. However, not every type of sandals is universal, for example, it is possible to break the company’s dress code by coming to work in open sandals, and stockings with such shoes are moveton. Here it comes to the aid of closed sandals, one of the varieties of which is a model with a closed toe.

Benefits of closed toe sandals:

  • use of various materials;
  • styles with a heel, on the platform, wedge or flat;
  • convenience when creating various bows, including business ones;
  • closeness and safety of female fingers.

Indeed, the closed toe is a very convenient part. Probably each of us flew into a pebble in his sandals or a sudden rain forced to dip the feet in a puddle? With the toe closed, these troubles are bypassed.

Fashion trends

Sandals with closed toe are multi-faceted. Below are the fashionable models for this season.

Sandals with closed toe and closed heel

The most closed model of sandals – shoes, covering both the toe and the heel. With their appearance they may resemble shoes, however, the summer heat in them is not terrible.

Today, models with a single horizontal jumper on the ankle are popular. Varnish or suede such models emphasize slender legs. However, it is worth remembering that they will attract attention to short, full legs, so if the figure is just on the road to perfection, turn your eyes to other models.

Sandals with two jumpers will become such a different model: one vertical, the other horizontal. As a rule, the latter is located below the ankle and does not make the legs shorter, as it could be in the first model with one jumper. The stylish option is beige or bodily sandals.

It is worth saying that a closed toe does not always imply tightly closed fingers. So, if you have to make an everyday bow, sandals on a flat course with an interlacing of straps on the toe and closed heel will be a good option. At the same time, the closed and open toe will distract from the shortcomings of a pedicure, while opening the foot.

Closed heel and closed toe sandals – the only possible option when wearing light stockings or pantyhose is acceptable.

With open heel and closed nose

Will find the perfect sandals and lovers of shoes, boats. Open-toe heels on a thin strap and closed toe – one of the most office options. Note that the open heel will not tolerate stockings, therefore, acquiring such shoes, you need to think about the condition of your heels, cure microcracks and engage in moisturizing the skin of the feet.

A variation of the model is a more casual version of sandals. A stud replaced by a wedge, thick velcro straps and a neat rounded sock are a choice for those who want to be feminine and charm with the grace of their legs.

On the hairpin

Orthopedists do not stop talking about the dangers of high heels. But you must agree, how can a 5 heel, see sexuality, with a high stud? Yes, and designers this season everywhere introduced stiletto sandals.

A closed toe and a high heel stiletto visually lengthen the legs, making them slimmer. If the question of correction of the figure in front of this shoe is not put, pay attention to the bright models. Red with black, turquoise, gold, black – these are the favorites of this season.

On the platform

The platform is experiencing the peak of its popularity. Its tractor variety has not left the podium for several seasons in a row, skillfully combining it with a feminine top made of patent leather and suede. Yes, designers like to combine incongruous.

Closed rounded toe and rough sole – an interesting combination. These models are good with skinny jeans, summer light dresses and simple-cut sundresses, as well as airy skirts.

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