Oblique bangs – Ways to drastically change the image

Many women wear a single hairstyle for years, not knowing how to diversify or refresh it. Side Bangs – instant and versatile option for changing the image without drastic decisions on the length of hair. It can be adjusted in accordance with the shape of the face and existing flaws.

Who is the slanting bang?

The presented detail haircut fits all, it is in harmony with any style in clothing and makeup, combined with different types of persons. You just need to choose the correct shape and length of the front strand. Oblique bangs – types:

  • torn;
  • asymmetrical;
  • thinned (filleted);
  • with an even diagonal cut;
  • elongated;
  • short

Oblique torn bangs

In this case, the front edge of the haircut looks carelessly bitten at the ends, without a smooth cut. Such oblique bangs have a layered structure, and therefore keeps the volume well. The torn look of the considered element changes the natural face geometry, distracts from the massive and angular lines, softens the features. Graduated oblique bangs are recommended for girls with large cheekbones and a wide lower jaw, plump cheeks.

During laying it is important to preserve the structure of the strand, emphasizing its torn ends. This is done with the help of special styling products – gel, wax, hair cream. This bang is universally combined with any haircuts and styles. The only reason to abandon it is waviness of curls or curliness. On curls the lamination of the edge will not be noticeable.

Slanting torn bangs once
Oblique torn bangs two
Oblique torn bangs three
Oblique torn bangs four
Oblique ripped bangs five

Asymmetrical oblique bangs

Diagonally trimmed strand looks spectacular, fresh and stylish, often the main focus of the hairstyle. Trendy oblique bangs with an asymmetrical cut look good with hair of any length, but very capricious in styling. The frontal strand should be perfectly flat and smooth, waviness or curls completely spoil its geometry, distort the shape.

The proposed type of haircut detail perfectly hides the high or hanging forehead, coarse brow ridges. Some other imperfections will also help to correct the asymmetric oblique fringe, the photo below demonstrates this clearly. The described element of the hair style masks the elongation of the face (triangle, rectangle), visually makes it oval and feminine, rounds and softens the pointed features.

Asymmetric oblique bangs once
Asymmetrical oblique bangs two
Asymmetrical oblique bangs three
Asymmetrical oblique bangs four
Asymmetrical oblique bangs five

Oblique fringe with thinning

Thinning strands adds sheer lightness, careless airiness, romance and charm. This beautiful oblique bangs in harmony with the graduated hairstyles, especially the cascade and the ladder. It is very easy to fit and looks good on both straight and wavy curls, regardless of their length. The only reason for not filing is thin hair. Due to thinning, the strands will look “liquid” and weak.

Milled oblique bangs are also able to visually correct some defects in appearance. It gently rounds the square jaw and chin, reduces cheeks and nose. Thanks to the hairstyle and proper styling, the emphasis will be on the eyes. This variation of the front strand is recommended for women with a round and square face, “heavy” features.

Slanting bangs with thinning once
Oblique bangs with two thinning

Oblique bangs with three thinning
Oblique bangs with four thinning

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