Novelty – Spider Web Gel Paste for Stylish Nail Design

Every manicurist from time to time looking for new ideas for design. More recently, new materials for nail design have appeared on the beauty market. Among them we can distinguish gel-paste, which nail-masters are most often called “spider”. This material is simply a find, both for professionals and beginners, who are not yet able to paint on nails and are just beginning their careers.

Features gel pastes “Web”

“Spider line” has already appeared in the arsenal of many manufacturers of materials for nail design. In this review, we look at 3D gel paste from ROSI PROFESSIONAL. What is this Gel pasta 3D? Let’s figure it out!

Gel-paste web for nail design

Gel pasta 3D is a dense gel that can be used to create various designs. Paste mixes easily with gel-paints and gel polishes to obtain any shade and create a volumetric design, while keeping its shape well and does not spread. As well as the residual dispersion is ideal for designs in the technique of casting. Of course, Gel pasta 3D is also ideal for creating a favorite design of a cobweb on the nails.

Gel-paste Web

How to work “web”?

You can create a web design on nails in several ways.

1 way to work with the “cobweb”

To perform the 1 method we need:

  • a dots, orange stick or toothpick;
  • gel paste.

The paste does not require overlapping with the top, so we prepare the nails as standard for the application of the design and cover it with the top. After the dots we take a drop of paste and put a dot on the tips or nail, tear off and pull in the intended direction and put a dot again. We continue to apply a dotted pattern on the nails. If the paste is not enough, then at any time you can add a dotsom to where it is missing, after taking a new drop.

It remains to polymerize the material in the lamp, remove the sticky layer and our design is ready.

Gel-paste Web

2 way to work with gel “gossamer”

To perform the design of the 2 in the way we need:

  • gel paste;
  • gloves.

Standardly prepare tips or nails for design. After that we put a small amount of paste on the pad of the finger and connect the index finger with the thumb and rub the material between them. After we split our fingers like forceps and put the resulting threads on the nails. When you are completely satisfied with the design, it is necessary to polymerise the material in the lamp and remove the adhesive layer and our design is ready. Of course, it is advisable to pre-wear a glove on your hand before you perform a cobweb in this way.

Color palette and characteristics of gel-paste from ROSI PROFESSIONAL

In the arsenal of ROSI PROFESSIONAL “cobwebs” of the five most popular colors.

Gel-paste Web
  • Classic golden hue, elegant and festive.
  • A muted shade of gold with a smaller chimera.
  • Classic and versatile white color.
  • Black color, alluring like the night.
  • Maroon red hue or marsala color, deep and rich.

Material specifications

  • 5 ml jar with a convenient lid;
  • drying speed, depending on the type of lamp from 60 sec .;
  • suitable for creating three-dimensional design;
  • polymerises in both LED and UV lamps;
  • perfectly holds a form;
  • has a sticky layer, suitable for casting;
  • does not require overlapping top;
  • It has a thick texture.

Nail Design Ideas with Fashionable Cobweb

With the “cobweb” you can perform many interesting options for fashion manicure. Most often it is combined with confetti and sparkles, with foil and stickers, with a metal decor. Also with the help of this universal gel paste you can easily perform geometric designs on the nails. The cobweb is good at performing abstract designs and nail design in the spirit of minimalism.

Manicure with a cobweb

Manicure with a nude style web

Manicure with a cobweb

Foil – a great backdrop for cobwebs

Manicure with a cobweb

Spider web looks good in both glossy and matte versions

Manicure with a cobweb

Metal decor – trend of 2019 of the year

Manicure with a cobweb

Geometric pattern spider-gel

Manicure with a cobweb

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