Not black uniform: 6 dark shades for the living room interior

Dark interior? Yes!

Exceptionally black? Not!

And here are 6 solutions that prove: the interior of a modern living room can be magnificent in any shade.

Darker interiors, as more stylish, more daring and more unusual, are increasingly rapidly burst into fashion.

But the black color in the design of the living room is very few people surprised. We have selected for you 6 interesting dark shades that will turn your eyes on the dark palette of shades and its combination with other colors.
Grey colour

It is like black, only much more versatile and unusual. Experimenting with different shades of gray you can achieve a completely unexpected (in a pleasant sense of the word) result.

Blue colour

Blue is the new black. Ideal aristocratic, discreet and blending into most styles used in design ( loft , classic, Provence , minimalism, Scandinavian , eco, etc.).


Fashionable in the interior of the living room in 2018 , deep purple continues to delight us with its highness and cosmic beauty.

Burgundy color

The intoxicating burgundy is an unusual alternative to red in the interior. The burgundy color is less dynamic than the usual red, but it also has notes of seduction and passion that arouse imagination.

Brown color

Very traditional for the classics “wood” color in other styles is interpreted in a completely new way: like coffee, chocolate, cocoa or coffee ice cream.

Green color

You can tell for a long time how the green color has a beneficial effect on your mood, psyche and eyesight, but it’s enough just to look once and forever to fall in love with this magnificent shade!

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