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Each of the fair sex would like to have in your wardrobe such details as the tearing tights. One of the eternal problems, which is well known to every woman – this product, torn at the most inopportune moment. But, thanks to progressive technologies, it was possible to solve it by inventing a heavy-duty thing.

What is the name of the tearing tights?

To get the right thing, you must first find out what is the name of the breakaway women’s tights? Manufacturers refer to them as armor tights made of ultra strong elastic fabric. They are produced under the name Elaslim or Lastislim, and brands such as Marks & Spencer and Incanto also manufacture products. From the usual products they are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • increased practicality and durability when wearing;
  • they are also used as a prophylactic against varicose veins;
  • long service life – up to 6 months.
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Nervous tights – how much den?

At the time of purchase should pay attention not only to color and size. One of the main characteristics of torn pantyhose is how much den in them is provided. The fair sex will be able to choose the option for any wardrobe: as a light autumn-spring, and to combine with warm clothes on cold winter days. Tights made of tear-resistant fabric can have different densities; it can be as much as 20 or 130 den.

Such a diverse choice will help you select the appropriate option for each individual case. But the ability to wear them for several months will not make excessive spending, as is the case with the usual part of the wardrobe. You can purchase several variations of different colors for certain seasons. A light thing with a density of 20 den can be combined with clothes designed for a cool summer or late spring, and more dense with cold weather.

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Durable, tear-resistant tights

The products are known for having passed various clinical trials, during which their strength was proven. This explains their growing popularity among the fair sex, who are increasingly choosing them as an alternative to the usual things. Although they can not be attributed to the budget at a cost, they are preferred because of ultra-durable characteristics. Nervous nylon pantyhose have several advantages, which include:

  • slimming action, due to which it will be possible to hide those extra pounds in the waist and hips;
  • massage effect that improves blood circulation;
  • even more slender, graceful silhouette ;
  • comfort when wearing, the thing does not squeeze parts of the body, because of which a woman feels light, even after spending a whole day on her feet;
  • universal size – due to the unique composition, the thing stretches perfectly and is very elastic.
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Elaslim Teary Tights

All the inconveniences that you have to endure while wearing the usual variants of this item of clothing, will be forgotten, you just have to buy the tearing Ela slim tights They are good because they do not need to be careful when dressing. No one argues that you should completely forget about accuracy, because the thing sooner or later will become worthless. But it happens incomparably later than that of ordinary tights.

Increased strength due to the fact that the manufacture uses a Japanese elastic thread, which is subjected to a special technique of weaving. The undoubted advantages that durable Elaslim tights have tights include:

  • long service life, which is more than three months;
  • while wearing, a woman will not feel inconvenience, since the elastic thread does not pinch parts of the body;
  • nerves tights well emphasize the buttocks, making them more fit;
  • perfectly hide cellulite and problem areas;
  • can be subjected to a large number of washes (more than 1000), while not losing their original appearance.
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Lastislim tights break down

The uniqueness of such products as the bursting Lastislim tights is that they contain a unique thread. This is the latest invention, which is interwoven in a special way, forming a strong loop that provides strength. The main advantages are that they can be washed, not to be afraid of deformation or stretching. The only drawback is a small number of colors, which are presented in only two variants: black and flesh .

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Incanto tights

One of the most popular options for women’s well-deserved attention is the products of the Italian manufacturer Incanto. Under this brand are created nerve-resistant heavy-duty tights with such distinctive features:

  • high elasticity;
  • equal distribution of pressure on the leg, so that during the day fatigue is not felt;
  • there is a massage effect, blood circulation in the legs is stimulated;
  • slimming shorts make hips more slim.
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Marks & Spencer Tearless Tights

In the assortment of heavy-duty products are presented unparalleled in the world the tearing tights from the British brand Marks & Spencer. This piece of clothing can be called truly unique, since it is peculiar to the presence of special distinctive features:

  • new patented weaving that makes Japanese microniti super-durable;
  • are not subject to deformation;
  • give silhouette silhouette and grace;
  • special cooling effect, which is achieved by the presence of “cooling bubbles”.
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