Natural makeup. How to make a natural makeup?

Natural makeup or as make-up artists are called makeup nude look – timeless classics, more than ever in fashion this season. It is summer now, it is hot on the street, and therefore I don’t really want to put tons of makeup on myself, but I want to look beautiful and emphasize all my virtues. This will help you natural makeup. Many stylists and makeup artists call this makeup without makeup.

At first glance, it seems that make natural makeup no difficulty. For many, this is indeed the case, but for some it is not. Natural makeup has its own secrets and subtleties. By doing this, you will look simply irresistible. And we will help you with this.

The main and probably the most important rule of natural makeup is the perfect skin. Therefore, if you have it is not quite perfect, you will have to try. But most importantly do not overdo it. As in any other make-up, everything should be in moderation, and even more so in a natural make-up.

  • Before make-up skin must be prepared. And in a natural makeup this is the most basic. Whose skin is imperfect, it is necessary to skillfully hide its shortcomings. To begin with, the skin of the face must be cleaned, degreased and moisturized with special cosmetics for your skin type.
  • Next, you need to apply the corrector on the skin under the eyes, inner corners of the eyes, nose wings, treat all redness, peeling, pimples and other defects, if such are present on the skin. The corrector should be one or two tones brighter than your skin.
  • Next, apply a tonal basis for the face. The foundation should be one to two tones different from your skin. If you have too light skin, then choose a foundation with a slightly pinkish tinge, and if it is dark or with a yellow tint, then give preference to a light foundation.
  • After you have applied the foundation, you should wait a bit so that it is well absorbed into the skin. Then you can apply powder. It is best to use friable transparent powder, as it lays down with a thin layer, perfectly removes oily shine and gives the skin a matte finish.
  • Now you can proceed to eyebrow makeup. It must be remembered that in the natural make-up only the mouth and eyes are allocated, and the rest of the face serves as a background. Eyebrows should be plucked, groomed and laid. Who has dark eyebrows from nature, you need to give them shape, smoothing the gel and combing a special brush for eyebrows. Well, owners of blond hair need a little tint. The most important thing is not to overdo it, adjusting heterogeneous areas and preserving the naturalness.
  • Next, proceed to eye makeup. For natural makeup, respectively, it is necessary to use shades of natural pastel tones, such as gently pink, beige, champagne, cream, sand. For bright eyes, shades of peach and champagne are perfect. And dark eyes with cream, beige shadows and a bit of languor will be able to shade the color of cocoa. Do not forget that the shadows should be carefully shaded and there should not be visible contours.

If you want to make the look more expressive, then you can upper eyelid, above the eyelashes to bring a thin line of brown pencil. You can also tint the upper eyelashes with mascara. In a natural make-up it is best to use brown mascara. But if you like more black mascara, then use it.

  • Lipstick for makeup nude look should be natural shades and chosen to match the lips. Many makeup artists are advised to use the usual transparent lip gloss.

In principle, that’s all your natural makeup is ready, but do not forget to observe the principle: the minimum of cosmetics – the maximum effect. We wish you good luck !!!!

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