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Author: Olga Menshikova – leading stylist IDEA-class, author of the technique of authentic stylistics, project manager House of Style Olga Menshikova

For many girls since childhood, the image of their mother was a guideline of beauty and femininity. My mother’s shoes, dresses, and jewelry were like magical, magical items that transformed a “mother-hostess” into a “mother-enchantress.” And lipsticks and perfumes turned the shelf with cosmetics into an alchemical laboratory.

Young mothers are still vividly interested in fashion, watching the relevance of their wardrobe. But, the more their parental experience, the less attention they devote to themselves. And they give strength and money to children, investing in their upbringing and development. The “loss” of one’s “I” happens in women also because of the frequent change of social status. Studenthood, marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, going out to work, career growth, influence of a hobby, change of activity. But with all the sacrifice characteristic of Russian women, it is important not to forget about yourself. And for teenage children, when parental authority is questioned, it is especially important to see a mother living a modern, relevant life and dressing not old-fashioned. At the same time, it is quite important that mom does not try to be like her daughter’s girlfriends. In other words, copying a teenage style and dressing up-to-date is not the same thing. Nevertheless, in the life of every woman there comes a moment when a new awareness of oneself in the context of style is necessary. As a rule, this moment comes at a time when children have grown up and life is turning to a new round.

Mature age requires new shades and textures, and some changes in the figure – correction of the cut. These changes are coming quickly, and women, often, cannot understand how to continue to work with themselves and remain attractive.

At the consultations with stylists, one almost always hears the same thing – women of the age say that they don’t care what happened before. Changes are coming so fast that there is not enough time to realize oneself in a new quality. It is at this stage that the help of a professional is very necessary, since this age is not for experimentation and a long search for yourself.

In youth, it is excusable to be ridiculous or at times inappropriately extravagant. But adulthood is associated with experience and a good understanding of one’s nature. This time is not for mistakes.

Moms once looked like queens from a fairy tale. We have grown, our mothers have changed. But can it be time for them to become a Fairy-godmother and help them regain beauty and self-confidence?

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