Multilayer bob 2019 – haircut features, who is suitable?

 Bob is not the most relevant option now. In the era of fashion for structural strands and styling in grunge style, layered bean is especially popular. Although, as they say, this is a kiss from the nineties. It is a haircut with a pronounced graduation. In fact, a multilayer bean combines a bean and a “ladder”. The result is a multi-level, with clearly structured strands haircut. Which makes it possible to correct some of the appearance flaws.

Features of a multilayer bean

• the hairstyle does not require a lot of time for styling, as it involves “slight negligence”; 
• suitable for straight, curly and thin hair; 
• allows you to hide flaws in appearance and make the image stylish and expressive.

Who should use a layered bean?

You can say that to almost everyone. Because:

1. You can choose the right option for your face shape, adjust the nuances of appearance; 
2. to make a hairstyle as more ragged and impudent, so more sexual and feminine; 
3. makes it possible to add volume in the case of thin and sparse hair; 
4. with the help of additional thinning, create a delightful option for naughty, heavy and very thick hair; 
5. Looks great on a lady of any age; 
6. Suitable for the office and at the same time – relevant for the party.

The last point is worth considering separately. After all, as we have said, a lot depends on the styling. Office or classic version involves a flat or slightly voluminous styling with easy twisting of the tips inward. You can also just comb your hair back by adding styling products to fix the hair.

Are you going to a party? Not a problem! A layered bean can be made wavy or simply randomly laid out.

Thinking of a prom or wedding hairstyle? Imagine that this haircut in skillful hands allows you to create both very romantic and delicate bows with the help of small artificial flowers and pearls, as well as very creative options.

So feel free to choose a multi-layer bean if you want to try a new haircut. Just be sure to contact the trusted master so that he correctly selects the length of the strands and adjusts the features of your face.

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