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Modern fashion is increasingly influenced. Modest courtesy (modest fashion). On the one hand, the designer and the fashion ladies behind her found everything on the edge whenever possible, but the fashion tended to go back to the spiral, but it did come back, but not completely. Thus, a number of 2018-closed dresses and other costumes, another noteworthy trend, were repeats of the 20th-century style 2019-xx. All of this helped to create interesting options in a modest style. Of course, it was not very humble that year. Conversely, after 80-x, modesty has lost its popularity. What will happen next? This is a serious topic, and so far we will not talk about it as part of this publication.

We just say that humility is not clothes. This behavior, expression, speaking and listening, and everything else. Designers cheer on boring audiences, sit in the front row of the show, and at the same time do not have time to bore viewers and fashion professionals. So, when choosing a lavish costume and a naked dress, think about why and to whom it was done. Do not wear such clothes in Andersen ‘s story and be a “naked king”.
Militta I chose a beautiful 2018-2019 dress that would be acceptable to very modest girls. These dresses are suitable for Orthodox and Muslim believers.
Beautiful modest fashion dress
Top photo – Akris, Alena Akhmadullina, Hermes, Giada 
Photos below – Kimora Lee Simmons, ADEAM, Alberta Ferretti
Beautiful modest fashion dress

Dress 2018-2019 – A cute, modest and rigid model
Each closed model reflects the fashion trends considered 2018-2019. For example, a silhouette with a straight line and a volume is undoubtedly suitable for a modest style. Similar silhouettes adorned with frills and staircases perfectly fit the Bohol style. Volume sleeves that expand the shoulder to the right size and reasonable size can be found in many collections.

Fashionable dress
Agnes B, Isabel Marant, Sportmax, Etro 
3 Photos Red Valentino and Etro
Fashionable dress
The romantic style does not lose relevance to the modest girls. We can say he is here. This is one of the most feminine styles in clothing. But the modest girl is restrained and shows her charm. For example, a transparent breathable dress for her taboo.
However, these fabrics are so beautiful that they will attract all the girls. How can it be? It is very simple. The fabric of these fabrics is typically worn with additional pieces made of other lightweight fabrics. Combination dresses are available.
A transparent dress creates an incredibly delicate and attractive look. In addition to the transparent material, the pastel shade fits seamlessly into the image of tenderness, and the new season of 2018-2019 will choose peach, cream, pale pink and blue.

Fashionable Dress 2018-2019
Aigner, 2 Photos Alice Archer, Trussardi 
Alena Akhmadullina, Emilia Wickstead, Fendi, Giada
Fashionable Dress 2018-2019
The ability to expose only a small part of the body very often appears to be more attractive than any exposed charm. If you still can not overcome this temptation, try the Alessandra Rich, Anteprima, and Marissa Webb models.
Autumn-Winter Fashion 2018-2019
Alessandra Rich, Anteprima, Brandon Maxwell
In the 80s of the last century, a business woman declared herself and became one of the first people in the entire office, business, and society as a whole. Therefore, there was business dress.
Stylish business look
The modest girl in the office attire should be under the knee, too much decoration, an indispensable absence of deep divisions and wounds. The color palette is tranquil and binding, and the prints are medium and light, with no large, light motifs and patterns. When a job allows you to create an optional costume, it becomes a minimalist style dress. However, there is a free choice for the dress to have a delicate and elegant decoration.
Modest Fashion Beautiful Dress - New Image
2 photo Carolina Herrera, Rochas, Andrew Gn 
Carolina Herrera, 2 photos, Elisabetta Franchi, Fendi
Very modest girls believe in girls – orthodox or Islamic confessions . To work in an Orthodox Church, we must not forget that clothes should be modest, closed, and dressed under knees. Small or long sleeves. Color pallets and prints should also be cautious, but do not give up floral prints. Like many girls, outfits on the floor are not forbidden.
Dress for modest girls

3 photos of Hermes, Kitx, Marisa Web, Rochas J Mendel and Vivi Zubedi
Dress for modest girls
If you want to go for a walk in the evening, visit the unofficial invitation or theater with the Chalayan Collection J Mendel, Novis, Oscar de la Renta, and Vanessa Seward models with the most likely option.

J Mendel, 2 Photos Oscar de la Renta, Rochas 
2 photos of Vanessa Seward, Zac Posen

Long dress on the floor

Dressing on the floor is the standard of evening fashion. There are many special occasions where girls can wear evening dresses on the floor that create a unique and luxurious look.
Long dress on the floor
Alberta Ferretti, Alice + Olivia, Huishan Zhang 
3 photos Badgley Mischka and Sara Battaglia
Long dress on the floor

The youngest girl becomes a ball, desiring to be elegant and charming – natural. Fendi, Huishan Zhang, Oscar de la Renta Your wish will be made in the dress collection.

Fendi, Hussan Zhang, Oscar de la Lenta
Day and night, where you can enjoy a lot of rest and enjoyment, and maybe you will go to a cottage where you will meet friends and spend the weekend. Regardless of the season, dress with floral print is always suitable.
It depends on what clothes to wear, how to look and what to look for. If your fashionable clothes cause an unfair and unkind attitude toward you, you have made a wrong choice.
Fingerprints and dresses
2 photos of Batsheva and Mulberry 2 pictures of 
La DoubleJ and Rochas
Fingerprints and dresses

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