Modern living room design

The living room is central to the house. Its arrangement sets the ideological style of the entire interior. The very name “living room” implies a reception of guests, but at the same time this room is an indicator of a cozy home and warm atmosphere, where there will be a lot of hobbies for the owners.

How to equip a modern living room? Design of a TV-zone, windows, placement of books, decor – ordinary people are always faced with the same tasks. For you, we have prepared the best options that will be particularly relevant.

Living room design: major trends

In the era of technology development, Internet resources, modern people just need a comfortable and atmospheric space. And the living room of the year should be the personification of just such peace and comfort, which tired minds need so much from a constant oversupply of information and stress. And the most difficult, but very important task is to preserve the balance between the latest super-fashionable tendencies and the sense of style, taste, and individuality. We will try to figure out how not to miss this fine line.

Living room interior: modern ideas

1. Bright experiment – individual uniqueness in style and decor.

This expressive tropical living room is an excellent example of the harmonious combination of colorful accents, delicate outlines of classical forms and natural materials, for example, textured wood.

Cabinets made of oak and walnut imitate aged teak. The highlight of the living room was a coffee table with a diagonal three-color layout.

Bright velvet, jacquard, embroidery organically produce a neutral background. And the diagonal pattern on the Roman blind is the perfect complement to the similar layout of the coffee table.

The chair in pastel shades balances a bright palette, and all the objects perfectly harmonize with each other, absolutely matching the classic lines.

The original floor lamp on the tick rack radiates a soft holy around the seating area.

And the final completion of the living room interior was two paintings at the head of the sofa – the author’s abstraction, made in the technique of mixing pencils and watercolors, imitating a tropical garden.

A valuable role in the decoration was played by valuable accessories that fill the space with the exotic spirit of wandering and traveling.

2. Alternative ideas: the predominance of green in the nautical style

The interior of this living room was the starting point of ceramic tiles on the floor with a pronounced green tint. It is not at all necessary to drastically change the interior, including the floor, it is enough just to competently play on shades and choose a harmonious style. In our case, the marine style turned out to be ideal in a non-standard palette for it – instead of the traditional blue, the designer used green colors. Why not?

Other details can be traced in the maritime theme: the pattern of curtains is associated with waves, a sofa with a rough rope finish and even a green edging on beige pillows plays a role.

Modern comfortable design does not exclude old things. Do not be afraid to complement the overall interior composition with them, because this has a special charm.

Unusual table in the form of sea foam – a unique item in the living room.

3. Creativity and creativity

If you like non-standard, interesting solutions in design, we offer a look at the next few photos.

Intentionally chaotic arrangement of objects, rather bold decoration of the walls, original furnishings and romantic elements of the decor seem to be created for creative people who need the very same one – a special atmosphere!

5. Comfortable hi-tech and cozy minimalism

Today, the laconic minimalism style loved by many or creative high-tech has ceased to be conservative and strict. It, as before, can be self-sufficient and harmonious in addition of cozy objects and accessories, comfortable textiles and soft floor coverings.

The home cinema on the background of a colorful, but rather laconic interior creates an intuitive atmosphere of the presence of the main characters, immerses into the fascinating and fantastic world of the film industry.

Cozy minimalism envelops the space with an extraordinary atmosphere, creates ideal conditions for spiritual dreams and serious reflections, allows you to abstract from the city noise and everyday hustle and bustle.

Luxurious upholstered furniture and a neat cute rug on the floor is one of the main conditions for a warm hearth.

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