Metallic silver color: clothes, shoes, accessories

Clothes of metallic silver are relevant for more than one season. Previously, many women of fashion included it only in evening dresses, but now it can be used in everyday clothes. Designers recommend adding a cold sheen to the image in the form of details of clothes, accessories, shoes. The main thing is the best color combinations and know how to properly wear such things.

We associate the silver color with something cosmic, its cold brilliance fascinates and attracts attention.

Color silver metallic clothing

You can see how designers love this metallic shade, they often include it in their collections. The futuristic style, which has long conquered the world’s catwalks, no longer surprises anyone with a spectacular shine and unusual forms, but on the contrary, it draws inspiration to create new unique images.

silver metallic

Silver metallic can be seen in the collections of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste, Michael Kors and others. Dazzling lights, the play of light and textures attracts designers and makes them return again and again to him, creating a magnificent total look of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Color silver metallic clothing

Its advantage is that every girl or woman will be able to find things or details (belt, bag, jewelry) that will decorate her wardrobe, bringing to it a touch of cosmic mystery, originality and brilliance.

Who will suit silver shades

  • If you focus on the colors of the exterior, then the cold shades go more to the owners of the “cold” color types. Winter and Summer. They perfectly emphasize the cool nuances and contrasting features of the face. To do this, they can choose for themselves a dress, skirt, pants, jacket, jacket, metallic color.
  • And if you have a different color type, “Spring” or “Autumn” ? The warmer color of the exterior, of course, does not have to be included in the outfit of cold and sharp parts, so you better restrict yourself to the use of silver elements. To create an image that does not contradict your natural color, use metallic accessories in your clothes. This may be a bag, belt, shoes (shoes, boots, boots, sneakers).
who is going silver
  • Owners of very light skin, light-colored eyes and hair, it is better to refuse from this color completely, because it can further emphasize the pale skin tone and draw all the attention from you to yourself.
  • Owners of magnificent forms also should refuse silver clothes (but you can use accessories), because it has a reflective effect, which can visually add to you a few extra centimeters.

What colors does silver match?

A thing of a “bright” metallic shade can become the main accent in the image, an original detail, and can only favorably emphasize another more active one, creating a color contrast with it. With monochrome (black, white, gray) and cold gamma (blue, blue, mint, purple) colors it will look smooth and harmonious, and with warm colors (red, yellow, pink, etc.) – contrast, dynamic and expressive.

Let’s look at the most successful combinations in clothes.

+ White

Idle in color, but no less spectacular combination with white, looks great. This option can be used as casual or business (if you include only small silver parts, for example, a white suit + silver belt and shoes).

what colors does silver color match
what colors does silver color match
combination of silver and white in clothes

+ Black

A universal solution in combination with black gives us the opportunity to use colors both in evening dress and in business, because the severity of black mutes and soothes the excessive shine of the metallic shade.

In everyday bows, this option also looks great, especially if the combined things are not strict, but more informal.

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silver metallic and black combination in clothes
what color does silver in clothes match
what color does silver color match in clothes

combination of silver metallic clothing with other colors

On these photos you can see that if you add a white thing to black, it will make your image more fresh and original.

combination of silver metallic in clothes with black and white

+ Gray

Another monochrome composition will be in our pair with gray. This is almost a total look, because we combine essentially two gray shades. This option is universal: a gray suit with a silver blouse can be combined for work, and a silver pleated skirt (or trousers) + gray sweater, white sneakers or shoes will work fine for an everyday outfit.

And complement the kit will help black or white accessories.

silver clothes how to wear
color combination in clothes silver
silver metallic clothing
silver color in clothes combined with gray

+ Green

The most suitable for this pair will be muffled greenish-brown shades of green – olive,khakimarsh Here, you still have to dilute the combination of black, gray, white, beige or light pink.

combination of silver and green in women's clothing

+ Yellow

Our metallic will not be able to argue with a bright sunny color and will immediately give him the main role in the dress. He is able to “melt” the cold inaccessibility of our cosmic shade.

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color silver metallic combination in clothes
what colors does silver color match
color silver metallic combination in clothes
silver color in clothes combined with yellow

+ Pink

Pink and his tones look great with metallic silver. Powdery, almost beige, shades give it tenderness and soften.

With bright and saturated it turns out an interesting contrast of warmer with cold.

color silver metallic combination in clothes
combination of silver and pink in clothes
what color does metallic silver match

“Metal” jacket or shoes will make bright pink even more saturated and warm.

color silver metallic combination in clothes

+ Red (Scarlet), Burgundy

Dynamically, expressively and vividly – it can be said after seeing this combination in casual clothes, because it is here that such a combination will be most relevant. You can add a silver outfit with red accessories or vice versa.

You can complement the image with blue jeans or a blue shirt, gray or white things.

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combination with silver color in clothes
combination of red and silver in clothes
silver metallic color combined with red in clothes

The unique impression makes a combination with burgundy. It will be most appropriate for evening dress, for example, as in the photo below, a skirt to the floor and a burgundy blouse (top) + black clutch. In everyday bows it can also be used, only our metallic should be visually smaller.

silver metallic color combined with burgundy in clothes

+ Purple (Lilac)

The stylish and original decision, both for a holiday, and as image for every day.

silver color combined with purple in clothes

+ Blue (Blue)

Metallic combination blue looks harmonious and calm. The most expressive color compositions you get together with dark deep blue tones of classic denim.

In a couple with blue the color will give you a very fresh and universal solution, both for work (blue dress-dress + silver shoes), and for every day (silver skirt + blue denim shirt).

silver and blue in clothes
silver and blue in clothes
clothes of silver color in combination with blue
clothes of silver color in combination with blue
Some useful tips

It is not necessary to mix many colors in one image with three colors; one of them is our steel shade, the second is neutral (black white, gray, beige) and tritium is bright.

It is also important not to put on a few shiny things together – this is an important issue in combining metallic colors with others. The best option is a combination of a shiny skirt and a matte blouse (jacket, jacket).

Remember that the “metal” thing increases the volume and attracts attention to the part of the body that is wearing. Therefore, pants or metallic skirt will fit only slim girls.

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