Melania Trump in different images: the best photos

First, let’s say a few words about Melania Trump. Model and designer of watches, as well as jewelry, she is now the wife of Donald Trump – 45 US President.

A lot of talk about her persona associated with outfits, which, according to critics, are either too expensive or not very relevant to the event at which the first lady appeared. But all this only increases the interest in her image and with great diligence compels to follow her every step.

We want to say one thing with certainty; the images of Melania Trump are an excellent sense of style and impeccable taste that is “readable” in each of her images. The dresses are interesting, spectacular, intriguing and exciting.

And each new image of Melania Trump and her public appearance on a visit as the first lady of the United States, or any other event, are always amazingly created and selected – even better and more beautiful than the previous ones.

Of course, the style has undergone changes, and the first lady more carefully and tremulously should relate to the choice of a dress or dress. But we want to assure you that, when examining photos of Melania Trump, you will not stumble on boring dresses and clothes – they are simply not in the arsenal of a true lady who can be called Melania Trump.

Bright shades? Please Melania Trump boldly wears a bright yellow dress with flowers. You will meet megastil prints, bright accents and exquisite accessories in the arsenal of beauty.

Dolce & Gabbana, Monique Lhuillier, Erdem, Maison Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Balmain can be called favorite fashion houses whose outfits prefer the model. These outfits caused criticism of many observers in connection with their considerable cost. This also includes Birkin bags, which she also prefers to others.

And where Melania Trump doesn’t appear – her image is magnificent, because the wonderful sense of style and past of the model allow you to choose the best outfits for any events. And finally, we want to say that Melanie Trump – this is the case when a lady is not born, but becomes.

Therefore, you should certainly carefully examine the style of the current wife of the president and her magnificent images, and take note of a couple of great ideas to create the image of a true lady of modernity, which is the icon of Melania Trump style.

Get inspired by the best images of the first lady of the USA Melania Trump in the photo

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