Makeup in gold tones for brown, blue and green eyes

Make-up with the use of golden shadows will suit many female representatives, becoming a great addition to a luxurious dress. Such cosmetics will make the eyes more open, and look – expressive.

Makeup in gold tones suits the owners of any eyes. Brown eyes will become warmer and more saturated, gray ones will look noble, the depth of blue and blue eyes will increase, and green ones will become even more attractive and fascinating. However, there is one nuance that should be taken into account when applying “golden” cosmetics on the face – it will accentuate all skin defects, make wrinkles more noticeable, therefore women of mature age need to be more careful when choosing and applying such cosmetics.

Black-gold and brown-gold makeup (with photo)

Black and gold eye makeup is considered an evening classic.He looks particularly relevant with a black or red outfit. The main condition for creating such a dazzling and radiant image is that the attire should not contain any sparkles and rhinestones.

Brown-gold makeup perfectly emphasizes dark saturated lipstick. Perfectly in this case looks wine lipstick, bright red and plum color. Well combined with gold and color nude, emphasizing the naturalness of the lips. Nude lipstick in combination with dark brown gold shades is appropriate in any situation – and at a business meeting, and on a date, and a solemn event. But a rich red lipstick with golden shadows looks most advantageous when creating elegant evening images.

Eye makeup with golden shadows is performed in the usual way. It is possible to put cosmetics on all eyelids or on its separate sites, combining with other flowers, even the most unusual, for example, pink or violet. To make the look more expressive, and the eyes open, you should shade them with black arrows and apply mascara on your eyelashes.

Green and gold eye makeup

Makeup artists offer more useful tips for creating green and gold eye makeup:

  1. In order for cosmetics to hold onto the eyelids better, and the sparkles do not crumble, under the shadows they must put a base on the previously defatted skin.
  2. Before applying cosmetics to the skin, you should even out the tone of your face, mask all the existing defects using concealer and powder.
  3. Using brown eyeliner, you must give your eyes the correct or desired shape. To do this, gently draw the upper and lower eyelids, outlining the eyeball with smooth lines. Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the eyes. Blend the pencil, making a soft and smooth transition.
  4. Apply golden shiny shadows to the upper eyelid. On the lower eyelid and inner corner – light green shade.
  5. Black eyeliner draw thin arrows, move the upper eyelid.
  6. On the eyelashes, apply black mascara, fluff them, giving volume. For these purposes it is better to use lengthening mascara.

Do not forget to follow the main rule of a successful make-up: bright should be either eyes or lips. In this case, the eyes will be bright, so lipstick is desirable to choose natural low-key tones.

Makeup with golden shadows for brown eyes (with photos)

Golden makeup for brown eyes is always relevant, this option is classic for brown-eyed beauties. It is the golden shadows most profitable emphasize the expressiveness of brown eyes. When creating such a make-up, not one shade of cosmetics is used, but several at the same time, both from the same color palette and completely different ones, creating a bold contrast.

Makeup with golden shadows for brown eyes is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Purified facial skin tinted, creating a light natural effect.
  2. Next, go to the eyebrows: if they are the correct beautiful shape, then they are enough to gently comb with a special brush. If you want to make them more expressive, you can use a dark brown, gray or black pencil or eyebrow shadows.
  3. After making eyebrows, you can go to the application of eye shadow on the eyelids. First, you should highlight the area under the eyebrows with a white or light yellow shade. The same shadows should be painted over the inner corners of the eyes and connect the lines along the bridge of the nose.
  4. In the center of the upper eyelid cause golden shadows. They should be well shaded so that the saturation of color to the nose is as pale as possible.
  5. Darker shadows are applied to the outer corner of the moving eyelid. This line continues along the entire length of the fold. It is important that all transitions between the colors of the shadows be as smooth and completely invisible. For this you need to carefully shade them. From the outer corner, you must continue the dark line on the inner eyelid, then distribute the makeup evenly over the entire surface of the eyelid to the inner corner.
  6. In the next step of creating makeup, the upper eyelid is applied using black eyeliner. The eyeliner can be replaced with a black pencil. Instead of a black eyeliner, they use dark brown, but then the makeup will not be so bright and attractive, it will become more faded. In any case, the line should be clear and level.
  7. The application of bulk and lengthening mascara on the eyelashes is the final touch of this make-up. Pre-eyelashes can be curled with special forceps.
  8. When choosing a rouge for such make-up, preference should be given to dark brown or light bronze colors. It is better to refuse pink and reddish tones, as they will be completely inappropriate.
  9. As for lipstick, then considering that the eyes are not too bright, the lips can be red, wine or dark brown. Best looks lip makeup with the effect of dullness, gloss and pearly lipstick will not give the image of harmony and attractiveness.

For brown eye makeup with golden shadows in the photo below:

Nude makeup with golden eyeshadows

Gold and bronze shadows are ideal for green eyes. Often they are used to create a nude make-up – natural, light and restrained. This option will be a good choice for a daily look.

Nude makeup with golden shadows for green eyes involves the use of eyeliner is not black, and light brown. Golden shadows are well combined with beige shadows and bronze peach powder. Very rarely, golden eye makeup is used without the addition of other colors, they are combined with darker variants, however, only a golden hue can be applied for daytime makeup of green eyes. They can be applied in two ways: by making a thin layer and carefully shading, so that only a slight hint of gold remains, or, conversely, the eyelids are covered with a thick layer, with an emphasis on dazzling brilliance.

The option of daytime gold makeup here in the photo, which presents several options for make-up for owners of green eyes:

When creating the evening make-up version, golden makeup for the eyelids must be combined with other colors. For green eyes, all shades of green and brown are the right choice. Do not give up and black eyeliner, makeup artists recommend using this technique to give expressiveness to the look. As a lipstick for an evening look, it is better to choose nude shades, they will smooth the brightness of the eyes and make the female look more harmonious and attractive.

Evening makeup with gold eyeshadows for blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls and so look bright and attractive, and properly selected makeup will give their appearance even more expressiveness.

A good option is a golden makeup for blue eyes, in which golden shades are combined with blue and gray shades. Dark brown shades will look harmoniously with gold when creating makeup for owners of blue eyes.

Lipstick for such a make-up should be restrained. Suitable cosmetics neutral pink color that looks the most natural. Makeup with golden eyeshadows for blue eyes when creating an evening make-up looks good when using dark-gray, almost black-colored cosmetics for eyelids.

Makeup lips in gold tones: stylish options

Makeup lips in gold tones suitable not only for fashion shows, but also for everyday life. However, with such a choice, one should be prepared for the fact that such transformation can cause some surprise to others. If the golden eye makeup is perceived by most people normally, then the gold on the lips looks somewhat extravagant and quite unusual.

Makeup artists use several options for applying golden lipstick on the lips. They can be completely covered with gold, creating a dense layer of sparkles, or in the form of a gradient, combining with other colors of lipstick. Beautifully looked lips, the middle of which is painted in gold, and on the edges of a bright lipstick applied – red, purple, burgundy. Or vice versa, gold can only make the contour of the lips, and paint the middle of them with rich lipstick, creating a pronounced contrast.

The variant when the middle of the lips is painted with golden lipstick and the corners with light pink or nude shades looks original. Those girls who are afraid to look too bright and extravagant, but want to give their own image of expressiveness, make-up artists recommend to hold a thin vertical strip in the middle of the mouth over light lipstick.

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