Makeup for the New Year 2020 – an overview of the main trends and new products

On the eve of the main winter celebration, any girl thinks what makeup to make for New Year 2020. Stylists present interesting and unusual options for every taste that will help to shine on a festive night. They can be performed in a restrained, yet in a bright design.

Makeup trends for the New Year 2020

At the celebration, I want to look really beautiful, but for this it is worth exploring the trends that present the 2020 New Year makeup collection. At the moment, the following nuances are relevant:

  1. The tone should be as natural as possible, and you should adhere to the golden mean between shine and dullness.
  2. Blush . Brave girls can take cold blush of raspberry color, stretching them to the temples, but you can also make the so-called “kiss of the sun” on the skin, highlighting the cheekbones with a bronze color.
  3. Eyebrows . Experiments are best avoided here. Well-groomed and beautiful eyebrows with accentuated texture and without accents are in fashion.
  4. The eyes . The options that offer makeup for the New Year 2020 are extremely numerous. Acceptable shadows or eyeliner with glitter, metallic effect. Makeup artists are advised to organize a make-up, focusing on one shade. Lush and long cilia are also very relevant.
  5. Lips . If the makeup is bright, then you can use just a gentle transparent shine. And if you want to focus on the lips, then you should choose a red or wine color.
  6. Additional decor . There are no restrictions, you can give free rein to imagination. For example, you can fix rhinestones or pebbles in the corners of the eyes or cover the skin with sparkles.

makeup trends for the new year 2020Christmas makeup collection 2020

What makeup to do for the New Year 2020?

Many fashionistas are interested in the question: what makeup for the New Year 2020 will be relevant? There are a lot of ideas, here are some good and very fashionable ones:

  1. For bright makeup, it is worthwhile to place accents on the eyes or on the lips. For eyes, you can use eye shadow in the following colors: yellow, purple, purple, red, wine, and so on. You can add sparkles, rhinestones or sequins. For greater interest, you can use colored eyeliners.
  2. If you want to highlight your lips, then you should do a calm eye makeup for the New Year 2020 and apply lipstick to such tones: wine, purple, burgundy, plum, blackberry and the whole palette of red.
  3. For feminine and delicate holiday makeup, you need to give the skin a radiance effect and use cosmetics of the same color: lilac, beige, champagne, chocolate tones, bronze and so on. All of them can also be combined with each other and supplemented with sparkles.
  4. Brilliant make-up – New Year’s classic. You can use sparkles of gold and silver colors to create a festive mood, complement the image with shiny eyeliner, rhinestones and sequins.

what makeup to do for the new year 2020what makeup for the new 2020

2020 New Year makeup for blondes

Blondes must abide by the following rules in order to look perfect and create beautiful makeup for the New Year 2020:

  1. Only mascara should be black. Do not draw huge arrows and use black shadows.
  2. It is worth making accents on the eyebrows, but not making them too dark.
  3. Holiday makeup for the New Year 2020 should contrast with the color of the eyes. Blue eyes look good with brown or golden shades, brown – with pink, purple and lavender. If the eyes are green, you can try red shadows. Do not be afraid to play in contrasts.
  4. It is definitely worth focusing on the lips. Red lipstick is ideal for this (but you should avoid cosmetics with a yellow undertone).
  5. Highlighters are acceptable and even required, because in combination with blond hair, the effect of radiance will look great.
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2020 Christmas makeup for blondes

2020 Christmas makeup for brunettes

Dark-haired girls can also boast in a beautiful way and do fashionable makeup for the New Year 2020. The most important thing is not to go too far with makeup and try to create a harmonious look. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. You need to carry cotton pads or wet wipes with you to be able to refresh your makeup.
  2. The emphasis should be on only one thing: either on the lips or on the eyes.
  3. The color of cosmetics should be combined with the color of the hair.
  4. Makeup for the New Year 2020 should be planned taking into account the festive dress.
  5. With a bronze complexion, the foundation and powder should be dark shades, and blush – peach.
  6. If the skin is pale, then the basis is recommended to take a transparent or light, and blush – pale pink.
  7. Under the blue eyes take the shades of gray-blue, malachite-copper or black palette. Lipstick can be from peach to crimson.
  8. If the eyes are brown, then you can take such shadows: chocolate-black, gray-green, blue-violet. Lipstick can be from poppy seeds to chocolate-bronze.
  9. As for girls with green eyes, here the shadows can be copper-pink, crimson or golden, and lipstick – pink, apricot or terracotta.

2020 Christmas makeup for brunettes

2020 makeup for redheads

Red-haired girls look very catchy and attractive, they should definitely emphasize their appearance and make a beautiful New Year’s makeup 2020:

  1. Particular attention should be paid to warm shades of cosmetics: these are brown, emerald, purple, peach or honey.
  2. Eyes should be emphasized by means of a cold palette (avoiding blue).
  3. Lips can be flesh, peach, beige, red, coral.
  4. Blue undertones should be avoided. Glitter and pigments are acceptable. It is better to emphasize the eyes, not the lips.

2020 makeup for redheads

New Year’s makeup 2020 – brown eyes

There are certain recommendations to create a good make-up for the New Year 2020 for brown eyes:

  1. Makeup artists advise using bronze and all its tones. In this case, you need to achieve the effect of radiant skin, that is, you need a highlighter.
  2. If the golden hues are not credible, you can try beige, caramel, mocha or khaki.
  3. Glitter can be added to the center of the moving eyelid to make the accent so necessary for holiday makeup.
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Christmas makeup 2020 brown eyes

New Year’s makeup for blue eyes 2020

Blue-eyed beauties will be able to choose an incredibly spectacular New Year’s eye makeup 2020:

  1. As for the girls with blue eyes, they should try smoky ice in anthracite colors. It is recommended to avoid too dull and dull textures, because you need to make the eyes visually deeper.
  2. Light shadows are applied to the inner corner of the eye, the main color is applied to the middle of the eyelid, and the outer corner is covered in a dark tone.
  3. Lips accentuate pastel shine.

New Year's makeup for blue eyes 2020

2020 New Year’s makeup for green eyes

For green-eyed girls, such a New Year’s makeup of 2020 is recommended:

  1. Green eyes look great in combination with warm shades of shadows: peach, cocoa cinnamon, chocolate, gold or violet.
  2. For greater expressiveness of the face, you can use powder. Lipstick should also be warm. Makeup artists advise to emphasize the eyes using sparkles.

2020 Christmas makeup for green eyes

Makeup Ideas for New Year 2020

Make-up and hairstyle for the New Year 2020 will help to look unique and stand out from the crowd. The most popular ideas are:

  1. With cherry lips and similar eyeshadows. Lips can be matte or with a wet effect.
  2. With bright shades: different shades of pink, blue, green, purple or orange.
  3. Black shadows will help to create a mysterious image, especially if you add a sparkle.
  4. In order to look amazing, you can do makeup with bright eyeliners.
  5. The classic idea is to color your lips with red lipstick and eyes with a little eyeliner and mascara.
  6. Glittering shadows are also acceptable, which will help to look truly brilliant.
  7. For a corporate party, you can do a restrained make-up: beige-brown tones for the eyes and lips with a little gloss.
  8. You can do rainbow eye makeup for the New Year 2020, it looks very original.

makeup ideas for new year 2020topical makeup for the new year 2020

2020 Christmas makeup with rhinestones

Rhinestones look especially impressive, they can complement the makeup on New Year’s Eve 2020:

  1. You can decorate with rhinestones the eyes, highlighting them, you can attach a few pebbles to the corner of the eye, or you can attach rhinestones to the lips – this is a bold and very unusual option.
  2. Of rhinestones, you can lay snowflakes or stars on your face. The most important thing is to maintain an emphasis on only one thing, so that makeup for the New Year 2020 is not overloaded.

2020 Christmas makeup with rhinestones

2020 Christmas makeup with sparkles

Sequins – one of the options that presents the trends of New Year’s makeup 2019-2020. Here are some good ideas:

  1. Mirror Shadows. This will help emphasize the beauty and depth of any eyes.
  2. Shadows with the effect of twinkling stars. Such eye makeup for the New Year 2020 looks beautiful and incredibly attractive.
  3. Shiny lips. This is an extravagant idea that courageous girls will definitely like.
  4. Shine on the face. To do this, you can use both glitter and a simple highlighter.
  5. Shine in everything: for this, rhinestones, glitter and sparkles are used, which cover both the eyes, face and lips.
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2020 Christmas makeup with sparkles

Christmas makeup 2020 nude

The restrained trends of New Year’s makeup 2020 are also popular, when it is supposed to use nude tones. This option does not have to include only pastel colors. You can use these shades:

  • peach;
  • corporeal;
  • champagne;
  • pink;
  • coral;
  • light brown;
  • golden.

You can do nude light makeup for the New Year 2020 in the following ways:

  1. Apply concealer or foundation on the eyelid, fasten with transparent powder.
  2. Take the shadows (matte) of the red or pink undertone and apply using the “loop” technique.
  3. Apply nude shadows on top: peach, light brown, flesh or gold.
  4. Apply lipstick or a gloss of neutral color to the lips.

Christmas makeup 2020 nude

Bright New Year makeup 2020

If you want to stand out and attract maximum attention, you can make a bright New Year’s makeup 2019-2020:

  1. You can use shadows of catchy colors and radiant eyeliners.
  2. You can focus on the lips, which looks extremely impressive. It is worth remembering that you can select only one thing, otherwise the makeup will look vulgar. Glitter, rhinestones and other decorative elements are acceptable. For example, for the eyes, such tones are relevant: purple, yellow, green and orange. For the lips, you can use all shades of red.

bright christmas make-up 2020

Makeup for New Year’s corporate evening 2020

If you plan a celebration at work, you will need to create a make-up for a corporate party on New Year’s 2020:

  1. It is recommended to make a calm option in neutral colors. You can take colors such as peach, pale pink, soft blue, gold or bronze.
  2. Makeup artists advise to highlight the eyes with a shiny eyeliner, and make up the lips with a transparent sheen or pastel lipstick.

makeup for the New Year party 2020

Unusual makeup for the New Year 2020

Lovers of originality will appreciate the unusual makeup for the New Year 2020 to a girl:

  1. You can use flickering shadows and rhinestones. For example, brilliant shades of burgundy or violet tones will suit and complement make-up with shiny pebbles.
  2. Fans of brightness will appreciate the actual makeup for the New Year 2020 with canary shadows, which is complemented by accessories of similar colors.
  3. For more intrigue, you can supplement the makeup with body art: graceful patterns, drawings of snowflakes. The version in the style of “The Snow Queen” looks especially impressive: exceptionally cold tones and white color, frost on the eyelashes and lips that seemed to be frozen.

unusual makeup for the new year 2020

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