Makeup for pregnant women: tips and rules

In modern society, the question of whether it is possible to be painted during pregnancy is not worth it – of course, no one forbids future mothers from using makeup.

The main thing – do not allow excesses and use only high-quality cosmetics. Better, there is no makeup for pregnant women will not be defiant, because a painted face on the background of a bulging belly looks ridiculous and even vulgar.

The modern lady can not feel confident without the use of decorative cosmetics. Experiments with different colors and shades help to choose for themselves the most successful image. But during pregnancy, the usual makeup may be inappropriate. There are several reasons for this. The first is that during the period of pregnancy, many smells that seemed previously pleasant may cause sharp antipathy. This can refer to smells of various products, as well as to fragrances of cosmetics and perfumery.

Tips cosmetologists, what kind of makeup you can use during pregnancy, and the rules on how to properly apply it, are presented in this article.

What makeup can be used during pregnancy

Lipstick or powder, which the woman previously enjoyed using, during pregnancy can become intolerable. And you need to be prepared for this problem. Of course, this does not mean that all the long nine months will have to do without makeup, pregnant women use mono cosmetics, you just have to choose other cosmetics. It is best to give preference to really expensive cosmetics, which is based on natural ingredients. Products of well-known companies with a solid reputation will be completely harmless to the future mother and her baby. Among other things, such cosmetics will also bring a lot of benefits, as it will be the best way to care for the skin of the face.

But cosmetics and daily makeup, of course, do not solve all the problems that may arise during pregnancy. There are many reasons why the mood of a pregnant woman spoils almost daily. Soon after the woman learns that after a while she becomes a mother, the mirror will ruthlessly inform her about some not very pleasant changes in appearance. And we are not talking about changes in the figure, which may not yet exist, but about the face. Facial features gradually lose their former clarity and correctness of forms, acquiring some vagueness. And this factor is the second reason for the discrepancy between the usual makeup and that which can be done during pregnancy. The outlines of the face of a pregnant woman are changing, becoming softer. Therefore, inappropriate bright colors and flashy tones. Even if earlier a lady could not imagine herself without a make-up that denounced a “vamp” in her, for the period of waiting for the baby she would prefer to give preference to more gentle, pastel tones. Otherwise, the discrepancy between the bright makeup and the current state may seem too obvious, conspicuous. Very often the lips of pregnant women seem to be swollen. In this case, it is advisable not to use some tones of the previously familiar lipstick. From red, brown and other bright shades of lipstick should be temporarily abandoned. While the child is waiting, the color of the lips may also change, becoming darker. Pregnant women whose lips look more swollen than usual should not be clearly outlined with a contour pencil. After all, the contour pencil makes the lips even more convex, emphasizes their shape. Considering all the above, to apply makeup on the lips during pregnancy, it is reasonable to use colorless hygienic instead of the usual decorative lipstick. Hygienic lipstick will help protect lips from weathering and peeling. And at the same time, she will not make the face of a pregnant lady caricatured, as can be the case with the use of bright lipstick.

The third reason why you need to change the contents of cosmetics is the presence in many cosmetic preparations of harmful chemical compounds. The latter may adversely affect the health of the unborn child. Through the skin, various chemicals can enter the blood of a pregnant woman, and then into the body of an unborn baby. In this regard, it is desirable to carefully examine the composition of cosmetic products that a woman is accustomed to use. As mentioned above, pregnant women can do makeup only with cosmetics that are made on the basis of natural components. If a pregnant woman is unable to determine which cosmetics are most appropriate for her current state, then you should contact a cosmetologist who will give the necessary recommendations.

Do not forget that in the heat of pregnancy, you can even refuse to makeup. In order to look good, you can carefully lay your hair and wear beautiful sunglasses. This may be a better tool than using cosmetics that, when exposed to the sun, can cause great harm to the skin. This is especially true of such means as foundation, powder cream, lipstick. The coloring components under the influence of high temperature can be harmful to the body of the future baby.

Is it possible to paint during pregnancy and how to apply makeup

Of course, if a pregnant woman is to go to a solemn event, then without decorative cosmetics she will feel unusual. But during the day it is quite possible, especially since during pregnancy you can afford small weaknesses.

Of course, it is permissible to apply makeup during pregnancy, but only with a small amount of high-quality decorative cosmetics. Elite products of leading cosmetic companies will not damage the health of the future baby. Let’s talk a little about the possible make-up, which will be the most acceptable in the waiting period of the child. First of all, before applying makeup, clean the skin of the face. Then use any day cream.

After applying the cream, it must be removed with a soft cloth. Then apply a concealer on the face and powder the skin with a crumbly or compact powder. If it happens in the summer, then the foundation can be abandoned, it is enough to use only powder.

When performing makeup during pregnancy, light shadows can be applied to the eyelids. It is advisable not to choose bright colors, limiting yourself to neutral, beige or terracotta shades. They need to be shaded so as not to create the impression of contrasting spots. You can slightly emphasize the eyes with an outline pencil. Then you should make up the eyelashes. It is better to use mascara not bright black, but color, gray, blue or brown: unduly emphasized eyes give the appearance of a pregnant woman a certain vulgarity.

To do makeup during pregnancy, you can apply colorless hygienic lipstick or dim lipstick in neutral colors on the lips. It is important to avoid bright shades that undesirably emphasize the paleness of the skin associated with the period of pregnancy, as well as the tired look.

Naturally, we should not forget about the simple rule – be sure to remove makeup before going to bed. And during the day it is useful to cleanse the face several times from the excess activity of the sebaceous glands. To do this, in a bag with cosmetics must be tonic or lotion.

It is hoped that these recommendations will serve as a great impetus for readers to pay more attention to their appearance, including the skin of the face.

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