Makeup autumn 2019 – trends, fashion ideas

In makeup, as in clothing, it is time for a change. 2019 Autumn Makeup suggests bright accents and geometric lines. Any girl, planning her appearance in the world, must certainly take care not only of fashionable clothes, but also of what makeup to make, not only to emphasize her merits favorably, but also to look fashionable and beautiful. In this article we will talk in detail about the main trends of autumn makeup 2019 show fashion collections and ideas for autumn makeup 2019.

2019 Autumn Makeup Trends

As we noted earlier in the trends of autumn makeup prevail:

  • geometric lines;
  • bright accents on the lips and eyes;
  • frosty blush on cheeks.

Consider what else is the main trend in makeup this fall.

The combination of pink and purple

Inveterate fashionistas probably know that the main color in the makeup of 2018 of the year was pink. In 2019, he lost his position a little, and he was replaced shades of purple. However, do not put pink shadows in the far corner of the cosmetic bag. Makeup artists recommend boldly combining pink with purple.

The combination of pink and purple colors is the main trend of 2019 autumn makeup.

With these colors, you can create stunning smokeys, draw the most incredible arrows and create just cosmic shades.

Sloppy smoky eyes

The next trend of autumn makeup 2019 are sloppy smokey.

They can be made in absolutely any color. Feathering can be done even with a finger. Such a make-up can easily be mastered even by a beginner. The emphasis here can be made both on the upper eyelid and on the lower, and you can leave shading only on the upper eyelid.

IMPORTANT! Careless smokeys imply a blurred border, so you can make them the way it turns out!

Such makeup takes a minimum of effort and time, and the effect exceeds all expectations.

Shiny rhinestones and glitter

Both in clothes, shoes, and in make-up there is no escape from brilliant accents. Rhinestones and glitter will help to create a sparkling make. Makeup artists experiment with these flickering particles as they like. They use them on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

IMPORTANT! Experiments are certainly good, but it is worth remembering that in everyday life, when going to work or study, it is better to refrain from using rhinestones and excessive glitter in makeup so as not to look vulgar and defiant.

But the evening or festive look will look great with makeup with accents of shiny pebbles or particles.

Blush with frost

Pink blush, as if you were in the cold, is at the peak of popularity. That’s why all the shades pink blush 2019 is in more demand than ever in the fall-winter season. They not only refresh the appearance of a woman, but also rejuvenate her image.

The combination of an almost porcelain complexion with the addition of pink blush looks particularly beautiful.

Red lips again

Once again at the peak of popularity bright lips. Especially the red color received a special love of makeup artists in this fall makeup. The main thing is to be able to choose and apply red lipstick. It can be either matte or glossy.


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