Long, short, square: how to dry hair depending on the haircut?

Drying your hair in the fresh air will always be preferable than in a hurry and a hairdryer. But what a tremendous amount of time it takes in the mornings before going to work is easy and scary to imagine. Few people think that the drying method should be correlated not only with the structure of the strands, but also with their length. And here are some tips on this subject you can give.

Long, short, square: how to dry hair depending on the haircut?  (photo 1)

Pixie or haircut “under the boy”

It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. The Golden Rule is to comb your hair right the way you usually wear it! Instead of constantly “ruffling” and braking the strands, lay them on the right parting with your hands or a comb, and only then proceed to drying. No surprises.

However, if your task is to maximize the volume of a short haircut, then you should do the opposite. Comb your hair in the opposite direction of the one on which you wear it. After the strands are dry, lay them as usual. This allows you to get more uniform volume .

Long, short, square: how to dry hair depending on the haircut?  (photo 3)

Bob and square

How to give such a haircut the maximum volume? Use if not a magic spell, then definitely a magic gesture. So, “abracadabra” from European hairdressers: first throw all the hair on one side, dry it, and only then on the other.

In the case of a bob haircut, wavy or naturally curly hair is best dried with a towel, and then apply a texturing product. Finally, split the strands with your hands to enhance the natural wave . Allow them to air dry and “beat” with their hands again.

If with short hair you can do without using styling , then with medium and long it will most often be necessary. In the summer, be sure to nourish and moisturize the strands with the help of oil for the ends of the hair.

Long, short, square: how to dry hair depending on the haircut?  (photo 5)

Long hair

Yes, most stylists do not recommend washing their hair before bed and going to bed with wet strands – this destroys the core of the hair itself and contributes to the development of mold and fungus inside the pillow. If there is no other way (and the owners of long hair always have no time to dry them), then do not forget about the moisturizer. Then collect the slightly wet strands in a ballet bundle, do not tighten tight! Another option is to braid them in a light, free braid. Hair overnight will completely dry and gain the correct volume and wave (Spanish women call this styling “the night before”). Do not comb the locks, and at the maximum, separate them with your fingers. Another express way is to braid wet hair in two tight pigtails, blow dry and dissolve.

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