LILAC color in clothes

A well-chosen shade is able to transform the whole image, to make it unique and stylish. Lilac color in clothes is not the easiest option to combine with other colors. But if you use it correctly, it will help every girl to make her everyday or elegant images irresistible.

The color of lilac is shades of light violet and blue with the addition of pink in various proportions. It can be both bright and very pale. This is a natural tone, the color and the name of which is based on a palette of spring lilac flowers.

He personifies tenderness, love, refinement, mystery, gives inspiration and sharpens creative intuition. If you want to create an image with such characteristics, then lilac is what you need!

lilac color in combination clothes

Shades of purple color

Lilac flowers have many shades. Here are the main ones:

shades of lilac in clothes
  1. Pale lilac– obtained by adding more white, it has a light bluish undertone. Suitable for creating an easy and delicate image. It goes well with other pastel shades (beige, light pink, light yellow and white). A skirt in the floor or pants in this version perfectly complement the summer image.
  2. Purple-lilac – soft, with a light purple hint.
  3. Lilac – the classic version. It is slightly more intense than the previous two, it contains less white. This shade will be a good choice for an office suite, for example, a lilac blouse with a gray skirt or gray suit.
  4. Amethyst –To obtain this shade, pink and a little blue are added to the previous version, so it already acquires some properties of violet. It can also be combined with warm tones (orange, yellow, as well as pink, mint, turquoise, dark blue.
shades of lilac in clothes
  1. Purple (dusty lilac) – in spite of the muffled tone, it can be found quite often in the women’s wardrobe. Its main advantage lies in its versatility, it is combined with many colors and is suitable for both office bows and light romantic attire.
  2. Violet – lilac-pink shade, very bright and saturated. Dress in the floor in this shade will be an excellent choice for a festive event.
  3. Lavender – it has more blue than pink. It also combines well with warm and cool shades (blue, turquoise, purple).
  4. Blue-lilac The very name of this shade tells us that here pink is mixed with even more blue, so the characteristics of blue in it are further enhanced. Compared with lavender, it is more saturated. A great option for an evening dress, in combination with black – a good option for a business kit.

Who will suit

This mysterious and tender color is preferred by dreamy people immersed in their inner world, however, this does not prevent them from being optimistic and resistant to various difficulties.

who is lilac in clothes

When choosing a thing for yourself in such a color (skirt, pants, dress or suit), you need to first decide which of the variety of shades is right for you:

  • Best of all these tones will suit the owners of the color type. “Winter”. You fit almost all shades.
  • If you consider yourself to spring type, then all options will suit you.
  • Autumn beauties It is recommended to choose a brighter palette, which will accentuate your appearance and enhance the contrast.
  • “Summer” Girl and women designers advise to use lilac shades in small quantities, choosing light, bright and muted tones.

The combination of colors in clothes lilac

What colors will look best in combination with this beautiful delicate shade? It is important to take into account the features of shades and select the most harmonious pairs.

lilac palette

Lavender-colored clothes look great. Such things are easy to combine with pastel, light colors. Hue will be relevant as in the summer, because it is incredibly refreshing, and in the winter, bringing bright notes to everyday looks.

lavender color in clothes

+ Green

This color combination is one of the most common in nature. Best with lilac look natural shades of green (as in these photo compilations), they will help you create a natural and relaxed image. However, if you like to stand out and experiment with colors in clothes, try combining lilac and bright lime in one set.

color combination in lilac clothes

In the photo below, you can see how interesting the combinations look with dark green, emerald, jade tones. Such stylish images will be truly memorable.

lilac color in clothes
lilac color in clothes

A very beautiful combination is obtained if you use delicate pastel shades of green, for example, mint or menthol, soft shade light green. This set will look romantic and feminine.

the combination of lilac color in clothes with mint

+ White

This is a very harmonious and beautiful couple. It is suitable for creating a gentle and romantic image. Looks great in the spring and summer sets.

Lavender will be dominant, and the whole image will look holistic, calm and a little mysterious.

lilac combination with other colors in clothes
combination of lilac with white in clothes
what color is combined with lilac in clothes
lilac color in clothes

+ Black

Light or dark lilac perfectly dilute the severity and monotony of black in clothes, creating a feeling of mystery and understatement. This color solution looks very stylish. If you add some pink accessories to it (a handbag or shoes), it will bring more brightness and immediacy in the kit (this option will be especially successful on young girls).

The combination of lilac with black suit brunettes, blondes against his background can be “lost” and will look inexpressive.

→ BLACK – perfect color images >>>

combination of lilac with black in clothes
lilac color in clothes
lilac color in clothes

+ Black – White

Things with black and white prints, patterns or the simplest patterns with stripes or polka dots, as well as simply plain black or white things can be mixed well with lilac clothes.

+ Brown

The combination of these shades gives the impression of comfort and coziness, looks calm and soft. It is quite harmonious, since both of these colors can often be found together in nature, and this is the key to a good combination, because nature is perfect.

Heat brown and light cool lilac emphasize and complement each other. Brown accessories (handbag, shoes or a strap) will perfectly complement and emphasize a purple dress (or a suit), and lilac shoes will easily fit into a brown bow.

+ Beige

Gentle and light variation with beige, it can be called the most win-win for lilac color, whatever shade you prefer. This pair can be taken as a base and add to it any color from our selection.

Bright lilac on a beige background will be a clear favorite of the set, and light will merge in a pleasant coloristic sound.

lilac color in clothes combined with beige
lilac color in clothes

+ Gray

The classic combination with gray is very versatile and will find application in both strict office bows and in casual attire. You can safely use this pair as a set, as this is a rather strict option, elegant and discreet colors, however, if you add metallic accessories (silver) to a purple dress, you can safely go to a party in such a dress.

combination of lilac and gray in clothes

+ Turquoise (Blue)

Shades of cool colors and both are based on blue, so they blend perfectly with each other. In addition, they are related and their pair can be diluted with other colors, for example, pink or yellow, this will refresh your image and make it brighter, most importantly, do not overdo it, in one set it is desirable to combine no more than 3-s colors.

Kits with turquoise eight blue Look very fresh and nice.

lilac color in clothes combined with blue
color combination with lilac in clothes

+ Blue

You can easily combine these colors. With bright and saturated shades of blue it is better to combine brighter shades of lilac, for example, violet, and softer and deeper blue tones will suit the delicate shades of lavender, purple, pale, amethyst.

color combination lilac in clothes
combination of lilac and dark blue in clothes

Lilac blouse, shirt, jumper, sweater will look great in pair with dark blue denim skirt, shorts, jeans or pants.

+ Yellow

Warm and active yellow is a contrast to lavender, so together they create a bright and memorable image, where they reinforce each other’s qualities. In clothes it is best to choose lilac as the main color and complement it with yellow accessories.

lilac color in clothes in combination with yellow in clothes
combination of lilac and yellow in clothes

Mustard shade paired with purple tones looks very advantageous.

combination of lilac and mustard in clothes

+ Orange (Red)

Bright orange, as well as yellow, creates a beautiful contrast with lilac. Using this quality, you can create great summer sets that look bright and fresh.

lilac color in clothes

Lighter, pastel colors are well combined with each other, and the image is very light and feminine.

a combination of lilac and orange in clothes

Try a variation with coral shade, you will not regret it. This color attracts attention, moderately bright and undoubtedly expressive.

The coral skirt can be complemented by a lilac blouse, or a shirt and pumps in a skirt tone.

combination of lilac and coral in clothes

Dynamic red in this embodiment, it will have an undeniable leadership, and this should be taken into account when preparing onions – take it in smaller quantities and, apart from lilac, you can dilute the kit with white, black or brown.

color combination in lilac clothes

+ Lilac (Violet)

Incredibly fashionable and stylish outfits in the same color (total look) look original and fresh. Make such a set using only lilac (for contrast, you can add a bow purple), it is quite simple, thanks to an extensive palette of shades, you will have a magnificent image.

In such a bow, by the way, you can include color accents of related colors (turquoise, blue, pink, blue).

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