Leopard fur, leather and PVC coat 2019

Leopard print has a difficult fate in fashion history. In some periods, it is scolded and called an attribute of vulgarity and vulgarity, and then time passes and it is one of the brightest fashion trends. And now the famous brands adorn the most expensive dresses, coats and luxury accessories with leopard color. This applies even to brands with a conservative view of fashion.
Therefore, we also should not abandon this beautiful cat. You can safely buy a leopard coat from the collections of autumn-winter 2018-2019. Fashion trends are not changing so quickly, so a spotty coat can be worn in the spring of 2019 and in the fall-winter of 2019-2020.

Leopard coat 2019
Long and short model from Alice + Olivia
If you look further into the future and into the past, you can understand – the leopard coat was earlier and will be in the future, because this print is one of the most beautiful animal colors. Although if you look closely at things, designers do not always offer us the color of a real leopard. In some cases, the color copies the skin of a cheetah, other coats have a mixed print, where the leopard merges with the jaguar.
Each cat has its own color, but in the fashion world there are no hard differences and often any spotted print of a natural color is called a leopard. In addition to natural, there are psychedelic prints, instead of red-brown shades, they can have red, acid, violet and other shades, on which black rings are placed.
Leopard coat 2019

Genuine leather and leather – Givenchy model

What coat to buy?

The best option for the winter is a fur coat of sheared sheepskin, painted under the leopard. This coat does not simply reflect fashion trends, it is also very warm and durable. For vegetarians and animal advocates there are alternative models of faux fur , they are not so warm, but more affordable.
In addition to fur models, a leopard can decorate a coat of leather, wool, knitwear and textiles based on different threads, including synthetic ones. A good example of synthetic fashion is Stella Mccartney, her entire production is aimed at protecting animals, so the coat of polyamide is painted with cat rings.

Knitted coat - Missoni
Knit coat – Missoni 
Michael Kors Leather Coat
Michael Kors Leather Coat
In 2019, PVC products are still relevant; they can also take on a leopard color, but to call such a product a coat is possible only on the basis of a cut, but in reality it is a raincoat for autumn and spring. In any case, such things look very fashionable, and are indispensable during rainy weather.
Light Leopard Cloak
For those who are not ready to buy a full leopard coat, designers have prepared lightweight options. The coat can be monophonic or with a small print, such as a goose foot, and the leopard will be decorated with only a collar or fur trim cuffs.
Another alternative is a down jacket. The down jacket can be of any length and color, the main thing that it was filled with high-quality filler. Militta recently told how to choose a down jacket according to the type of filler . The most reputable manufacturer of down jackets can be called Moncler, their down jackets are expensive, but they always correspond to fashion trends and are of very high quality.
Leopard down jacket 2019

Leopard coat 2019 - fashion trend
R13, Michael Kors
Fashionable leopard coat 2019
Photo from above – J Crew, Saint Laurent 
Photo from below – Victoria Beckham, Stella Mccartney
Fashionable leopard coat 2019

Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham

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