Learn about 5 kinds of dressing and matching in the fall, and be a handsome guy.

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I want to be a popular boy who is popular with girls. I need to learn to dress and match, and I will be more temperament. If you want to be a handsome guy, start with dressing!
Learn about 5 kinds of dressing and matching in the fall, and be a handsome guy.
1 cool color shirt + pants

The white shirt male god has always lived in the fantasy of each sister, and has always been high on the microblogging hot search, showing their popularity~ even if you are squatting again, but just take care of it and put it on. Cool-colored shirts, definitely add points! When the weather is cold, the shirt can also be used inside, and accidentally wear a retro literary fan~

But! If you are not a handsome temperament, the shirt must remember not to wrinkle! (You can be a handsome guy, because the handsome guy has a self-willedness)

2 stripes shirt + pants

Stripes have always been a fashion that lasts forever. Regardless of boys and girls, as long as you wear a striped item, it will become clean and fresh, and easy to approach. As for the striped shirt, it is best to use jeans or khaki pants, which can be calm and temperament~ I don’t like white boys. You can consider the striped shirt with black background, it is also very resistant to watch ~

3 baseball uniform / flight suit + pants

When it’s colder, the bomber’s coat is also essential, so the focus of the coat is that it looks clean and neat. If you are not satisfied with your leg type, you can choose the nine-pants that are not close to you.

4 solid color sweater + pants

Everyone in the Korean drama loves to wear a solid color sweater. Why? Of course, because the solid color sweater is clean and gentle, it can instantly increase the force. If you want to be a warm and warm man, please choose a solid color sweater~

5 woolen coat + pants

The TV drama man dresses the top of the list of non-wool coats, of course, this is also the versatile! Whether you are tall and thin, as long as you dare to wear, you can wear. Woolen coats are really helpful for improving the quality of men’s anger. Especially for long models, short boys can hold hold if they pick the right length.

In fact, the most important thing to wear clothes is to find a style that suits you. Maybe others wear it very well, but you are not very handsome after you wear it, so you can browse the fashion magazine when you are free.

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