Latest Men’s Eid Shalwar Kameez Designs For This Eid

Festivals like Eid are special moments where one of the time of his life with his pals and family. All dressed up in ethnic attires. We have decided to help you all adult men and young boys with some dressing up ideas if you are planning to wear Kameez Shalwar.

Kameez Shalwar Idea For Adults

While discussing fashion all we talk about is young people. It’s sporadic that we see some great fashion posts regarding styling and dressing up tips for aged people. They all have a heart. They love to dress up too. You can’t disagree with this. Well, Eid celebrations and blessings are equal for all. If you are in your fifties sixteen or even seventies-eighties, you don’t have to sit back and just watch your children and grandchildren dress up, but you have to be a part of their celebration. Here we have an idea for you of what to wear on Eid.

↓ 23 – White Kurta With Colorful Scarf for Eid

If you are sophisticated personality and fond of wearing white, then what can be better than wearing a simple white kurta for Eid, As we’ve all heard simplicity is the best policy, why not implement on this theory. If you want it to be a bit more vibrant and unique, get a multi-colored stole.

Sherwani Style

Here is a mind-blowing Eid dress idea for you boys. Get a sherwani with embroidery but make sure you don’t get too fancy with a sherwani as it’s Eid; a sweltering one, you must not forget. Opt for light colors like white, off white, grey, camel color or neutral colors. What other better outfit can you even wear to an Eid lunch or dinner. All stunning and enchanting.

Amir Adnan Eid Shalwar Kameez Collection

Here are a few clips from the latest Eid collection by the well known Pakistani designer for men’s clothing, Amir Adnan. Have a look at this simple brown shalwar kameez. The shade looks fantastic, and so does the style; however, the dark color will not be suitable for the day in this sizzling weather.
But, you can wear it at the evening functions for sure this Eid. So why not “get the look”?
Visit Amir Adnan’s store and pick up your favorite outfit at a reasonable price.

Jamawar Waistcoat For Eid Shalwar Kameez
Jamawar fabric is something that you can use on formal occasions. It will add a fancy touch to your dress which we think is a must for such occasions. 

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