Latest Eid Hijab Styles With Eid Dresses-2019 Eid Fashion

Eid is just around the corner, just a matter of days and hijab fanatics might still have to buy ones that go with their outfit. In this post, we will be sharing ideas for Muslim women as to how to match hijab with Eid dress and the latest Islamic dresses for Eid.

Matching Hijab

There is not even a little chance according to us that a girl will ever say no to matching, especially on Eid. You do match your jewelry and footwear with your dress, and we assume that you might want to have a matching hijab as well for the perfect feminine touch. You can easily get a matching hijab, accessorize it, and enjoy your Eid.

Dupatta Style Hijab Without Pin

Beat the summer heat. Say no to tight hijabs because you surely don’t want to feel suffocated on the occasion of delight and jubilation. Get a scarf either matching or contrasting with your outfit. There are two ways of wearing it. You can either flip both ends behind the shoulder or keep one of them to the front and throw the second over one shoulder.

 Flowy Hijab For Floral Dress

My heart skips a beat when I see flowy floral dresses. If this happens you then before a second thought even hits your mind go and buy a floral maxi with flowy hijab. The best thing about such attire is that it will keep your body covered and also give you the modernized touch. Let me tell you something; it can work as an abaya for you as well.

 Hijab With Saree

Did you ever hear someone say “why a hijab with saree”? Or ever being criticized for wearing one just because they don’t understand your yearning for hijab or count saree as a very cheeky outfit? Don’t ever listen to them and flaunt your favorite saree with a perfect hijab this Eid just like Rumena Arham.

 Hijab With A Gown

Gowns are the latest addition to girls wardrobe, and they are not letting any chance of wearing them go out of their hand. Be the diva by wearing a head tight matching Egyptian or Turkish style hijab. It’s the best style in case you want to flaunt your necklace.

 Beaded Or Pearled Chiffon Hijab

Damn. Pearls and beads are girls love. Girls, why would you even miss a single opportunity of wearing these artistic hijabs? They will make your headscarves seem a little fancy without being over.

Tessori Silver Wrap Hijab

Hey, beauties add a little a glimmer and shimmer to your Eid outfit with this silver Tessori Silver Hijab Wrap from Hooriyah’s collection.

Fashion Blogger’s Style Eid Hijabs

Hijab beloveds, here we’ll be bestowing you with of the various attractive hijab looks chosen by famous hijabi bloggers so be ready for some excellent styling ideas.
Here we can see the doctor blogger Tahleel Khan opted for a bold red hijab with her lawn suit to add a pop of colors to the colorful occasion.

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