Ladies Chester Shoe Collections – Beauty for All Seasons

Chester shoes are without modesty a model of what can and should be called the perfect embodiment of quality, comfort, elegance and sophistication. Comfortable, stylish, laconic and at the same time at all times and seasons relevant, it delights fashionistas, for whom a sense of style and measure are the key to a successful image. A variety of models, designed in one noble color scheme, allow young ladies to find a successful pair of shoes of this brand for each season.

Women’s shoes Chester – English classics and modern look

Women’s shoes Chester first appeared in Russia in 1995. This brand is part of the world famous concern TJ Collection. Mark, as you might guess from the name, English, is named after the ancient city of Chester, which has a long history. The brand has its own slogan, which sounds like: “Chester – perfection of form!”. Designers in each of their collections strive to achieve perfection.

English shoes Chester combines the classics of English traditions, which is expressed in the technologies used to sew shoes, and Italian elegance, embodied in refined forms and lines. Despite the traditions and classics, designers do not forget about modern trends, which are reflected in seasonal collections.

High-quality leather, undergoing high-tech processing, the professionalism of the masters and the ability of designers to combine classic and modern make this shoe one and only.

Chester Shoe Collections – Beauty for All Seasons

The Chester collection of shoes for the spring, as a rule, is represented by classic shoes, strict and concise, on a not very high or low heel. In the summer fashionistas are invited to try on lightweight and comfortable sandals of soothing tones that suit literally any clothes. In the autumn, women’s boots of this brand will look great , in which any vagaries of nature will not cause any inconvenience. Finally, for winter, designers create high boots on a solid sole, with natural fur or low shoes on high soles.

Stopping in more detail on the summer shoes Chester, it is impossible not to note a few of the most important features that have become the hallmarks of this brand:

  • the basis of the development of models is the technology of creating an anti-stress pad in which the legs, in the literal sense of the word, rest;
  • Designed to suit the continental climate, shoes will not cause discomfort. In the sandals of this company, thanks to perforated leather, even under the condition of high summer temperatures, it will not be hot;
  • the neutrality of the color scheme will eliminate thinking about color combinations with clothing, because soft beige, rich brown, or strict gray perfectly harmonize with any shades.

In women’s shoes Chester, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and even such a favorite element of all the young ladies, like the heel – is made here not only taking into account the requirements of beauty and grace, but also durability and reliability. As a rule, collections include models with a wide heel of medium height, which can be decorated with stylish elements and patterns. However, there are models on a thin hairpin, which, however, also has an average height.

When purchasing a pair of shoes or boots, a fashionista will not have to worry about finding a suitable bag or scarf. Chester shoes and accessories are created by designers taking into account the color, style combination. That is why, having bought a pair of shoes you like, it is unlikely that you can get past the gloves, belt and scarves of the same company, not to mention the bags, which the designers of the brand approach to create with no less trepidation and inspiration.

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