Kare 2019 – for whom? (by face type)

Caret helps to create any image. With such a haircut, a woman can look like a business, strict lady, and like a languid beauty, and even a mischievous girl. A variety of haircut options allows each lady to show individuality. Any type of square looks stylish and quite interesting. In addition, you can experiment a bit and add a special twist to the chosen option – use contrasting bright locks, deep thinning or asymmetry in the temporal zone. Bold decisions will add fashionable touches to the image and create a unique, individual style.

Fashionable bob bob with volumetric styling

If you answer the question “who suits the haircut” caret, then you need to say that caret is suitable for those who have healthy hair. Do not stick out in different directions, the hair is soft, ideally light. Even if you do not dye your hair, then every time before using the hair dryer and ironing, use a protective agent. Otherwise, do not notice how the hair will become heavier and stiffer. But even if these problems exist, do not worry. Now there are many really good hair restoration products .

Another important point in choosing a haircut is a decent amount of hair. Otherwise, the haircut will look very dull. But even modern cosmetology copes with this problem. In this matter, we recommend that you look into a professional cosmetics store, where there is a very large selection and prices do not bite .

Tips for choosing a bob haircut

There are several options for cutting a square and before you give preference to a particular one, you should pay attention to the recommendations of specialists.

  • You can never choose a hairstyle when looking at a neighbor, colleague, friend. Selection must be carried out individually, based on the type of hair, face shape.
  • Pay attention to complexion. In order not to create a sharp dissonance between a large body and a small head, a full lady is better to abandon a short square.
  • Ladies with a stiff, thick head of hair will be ideally suited for a smooth haircut. If the hair is thin, then you should give preference to an asymmetric, graduated caret, which will create the required volume and give lightness.

However, these are just general recommendations that you should pay attention to when choosing an individual option. Care must also be selected according to the shape of the face, and only the right decision will create a mysterious, regal image, endowing the owner with magical charm.

learn how to choose a short haircut by face type

Kare cut options

For more than a century, women all over the world have preferred quads. That he can rightly be called the number one haircut. Distinctive features of the square are strict geometric lines, smooth texture. However, do not get hung up on the classics. For each age, depending on the type, face shape, you can choose the perfect version of this universal haircut.

  • Corner Care. A great solution for owners of an oval face. The angled bevels hide the protruding cheekbones and the face acquires the correct proportions.
elongated bob with strands in front and even styling
  • Graduated Care. The best option for a round face with large features. Torn ends, slanting fringe and side parting will beautifully frame and perfectly soften, harmonize a heavy appearance.

For more information about this caret, see our review: Graduated caret – how to choose for your type of face

stylish square on one side
  • For young girls with neat, delicate features, a short square is perfect.
  • In order not to miss the bangs, select it for your type of face. Look in our magazine: Caret with bangs – which option to choose by face type
straight square without bangs with even styling
  • Creative haircut – asymmetric caret. This option is suitable for almost all types of faces. An integral element of such a haircut is often torn bangs, highlighting. Ladies with a round face in this case should choose a more authentic locks, making the difference more contrast.
laying a square with curled curls on one side

In addition, a bob haircut in any of its variants is surprisingly easy to care for and it only takes a few minutes to style. That’s why she became the perfect option for ladies who want to look seductive, stylish and fashionable, but can not afford to spend half a day putting her hair in order.

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