Jeans, boyfriends, with which top to combine?

Some believe that jeans belong to a sporting style and can only be worn for walking around the city. I will not argue, the casual style for jeans is the most dear and closest, but you can create various images with their help. Now you will see for yourself.

With a shirt

What in the first place seems to be complete with jeans? Many will answer that a shirt, and will be absolutely right. Shirts of various styles can be worn without hesitation with jeans. A plain white men’s shirt makes the image of a woman more business-like. If at the same time to collect hair in a bun, then it will look very stylish, and even elegant. In this form, you can come to the office.

Also, blouses can be considered an office option. The same classic shirt cut, but from a light translucent fabric. Well, such a blouse will be combined with a coarse belt, more typical for men.

With t-shirts

White T-shirts with slogans are in fashion this year. These are the perfect clothes to wear with jeans. Following the latest trends, it is better to t-shirt in trousers. Such an uncomplicated outfit is good for walking, and if you add an elongated jacket to it, then the style from the street will again turn into a business one.

With a jacket

Jackets help jeans make the image more versatile. In summer, a classic jacket can be replaced with a lightweight fabric jacket, while putting on such a jacket directly over underwear.

With cardigan

A jacket with a pattern in the form of an ornament can compete with a jacket. It looks less strict, but more elegant, lovers of romance may well take this option for themselves.

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