Japanese-style dresses

Japanese-style dresses

Kimono dresses

Kimono dresses are the most common style of dresses in the Japanese style. They are sewn in the likeness of robes with a smell and are complemented by a belt. The belt may be wide or narrow, depending on the design of the sleeves and the neck.

Closed neck and long sleeves

Such dresses are considered the most conservative. They have a closed neck and elongated sleeves, which often reach the tips of the fingers. Some models are equipped with a special eyelet on the sleeves, which allows you to put it on the middle finger, thereby fixing the sleeve in one position.


Classic dresses in oriental style will allow you to plunge into the world of Chinese charm. Classic dresses are fitted and it will be difficult for you to get used to it at first. After all, a too narrow dress skirt will not allow you to take a wide step, so your walk in such a dress will be leisurely and graceful.



Japanese-style airy dresses are made of flowing, like flying fabrics. Their coloring is mostly motley, but the style can be any.


Summer versions of the dress in the Japanese style are made of light silk, satin or knitwear with the addition of synthetic fabrics. These dresses are usually short and can have classic straps or one through the neck. The style of the dress itself varies from fitted to bottle options.


If you have long dreamed of conquering everyone around in a beautiful and unusual way, then evening dresses in the Japanese style will allow you to do this. The length of the evening dress can be completely different, the main thing is the presence of colors in the Japanese style or decor, as well as additional elements.

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Long dresses in the Japanese style perfectly accentuate the slim figure of a woman. If you decide to buy just such a dress, then you should wear them with high hairstyles, closed shoes with a small heel and bright makeup.


Japanese fashion is quite different from ours. Recently, on the streets of Japan, girls and even older women have been putting on doll costumes, complementing the image with appropriate makeup, hairstyle, shoes and accessories.


Traditional kimono dresses are the main outfit for women in Japan. They use such dresses for especially important events, including for various holidays. Especially traditional kimono dresses are in demand at weddings.


Futuristic dresses in the Japanese style are dresses tailored in a European way, with the preservation of Japanese color, but with the addition of an unusual decor, using bright practically incompatible colors and other elements.

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