Italian Swimwears

Italian Swimwears 1

Italy is not for nothing considered a trendsetter.

Italian Swimwears 2

Impeccable, elegant style and very reverent attitude to female beauty are recognizable features of Italian design. This year’s beach collections are no exception.

They imitate them, they are replicated, but very few people manage to achieve that charm and high style that Italian swimsuits possess. In 2018, renowned fashion designers and novice designers presented their ideas on world catwalks. They set the vector for the development of beach fashion.

The main revelation of the season was the return to fashion of closed models, very elegant and elegant, looking literally like luxurious beach outfits. They are chosen today not only by ladies with forms, but also by owners of slender figures.

Italians, with their characteristic sense of taste, very precisely place the accents of the silhouette: waist and hips. Expressive, well-defined neckline, graceful lines of cut, very impressive finish and color scheme are recognizable features of swimwear style 2018 from Italy. They are characterized by sensuality, nobility, but at the same time outright sexuality.

Italian swimwear on the photo

Italian Swimwears 3
Italian Swimwears 4

To appear in such models as a gray mouse and, moreover, no one will be able to get lost in the crowd. The southern temperament of the designers was manifested not only in the styles, but also in the choice of colors. No dull and inconspicuous shades.

Italian Swimwears 5
Italian Swimwears 6

Only bright, sun-filled colors of the trend range for this season.

Italian Swimwears 7
Italian Swimwears 8

All shades of orange, yellow and pink in combination with white reflected in floral prints.

Italian Swimwears 9
Italian Swimwears 10

And the tones of a turquoise-blue gamut embody the actual maritime theme. The taste of designers, for whom the colors of summer and the sea – their native element – should be trusted.

See how beautifully matched the colors in the models of Italian swimsuits on these photos:

Italian Swimwears 11
Italian Swimwears 12
Italian Swimwears 13
Italian Swimwears 14

Italian Swimwears 15
Italian Swimwears 16

It’s impossible to save on beauty, the Italians are sure, and it’s hard to argue with that. Such an approach is reflected in the price lists of models that cannot be called modest. What is behind the price?

Italian Swimwears 17
Italian Swimwears 18

First of all, a solid approach to quality: own, exclusive fabrics and accessories, production, located in Europe and famous designers, whose talent and craftsmanship are the face of any brand .

Italian Swimwears 19
Italian Swimwears 20
Italian Swimwears 21
Italian Swimwears 22

This year’s collections are no exception. Any model combines original design, expensive and noble appearance, and, of course, the famous quality, which is considered a reference in the fashion world.

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