Is it a new trend to put flower on beard?

A trend that should be considered by men who raised beards this summer is the ‘flower beard’.
I do not know if it sounds weird to have a flower decorating a beard.
But look at the look of the men with the flowers on the bushy beard. I have added a flower to the face of a man, but it is soft and charming.
At the heart of this trend is a blogger named Pierritius. He ‘This Is a beard? ‘In a tumbler. His bearded photos include beards dressed in LEGO, painted beards, and bearded with cheetah cookies.
The most striking of them is the ‘flower beard’ below.
What happened then? Inspired men began to share their photos of bearded flowers on the Internet.
“I have a flower decoration to receive the popularity of women,” “I have a strange flower arrangement hobby,” “I am comfortable with my heart,” “I need a beautiful change in my beard.” , “Let’s call the beard a bouquet!” The reason why I uploaded it with pictures is also interesting.
Let’s meet the protagonist of the flower beard that will dare be called the leader of beard fashion.

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