Interesting design manicure with animals

Most fashionistas prefer to do their own nail art manicure. This direction has a lot of interesting ornaments, including silhouettes of animals. Every year there is a mass of new nail designs, which include interesting ideas and development of implementation.

Peculiarities of manicure with animals

Modern women of fashion believe that moon manicure and jacket sometimes bothers you and you want something unusual. That is why many beauties prefer the manicure with the image, any animals. Very often found on ladies’ nails drawings in the form of the faces of a cat, owl, wolf or sly chanterelles.

Mostly users of this design are girls who have reached the age of thirty. Often they prefer those animals with which they compare themselves. For example, lovers sleep and relax, lying in the sun, can inflict a panda ornament. Well, and lovers of bright and catchy clothing style are advised to choose a drawing in the form of a parrot or a red cheat.

Real masters of their work can perform on the ladies’ nails a whole work of art, depicting on all fingers a dense forest with a wolf howling. You can also find a manicure with a tiger-colored ornament, and on one of the nails there is an image of the eye of a predatory animal.

What ornament should be chosen for design of manicure with animals

Each beauty has its own character and temper, so the ornament in the form of an animal must fully fit the interests and requirements of the owner of a manicure. For example, hot-tempered and strict ladies often choose the image of a leopard or a tiger, but tricky and easy-going people prefer a drawing in the form of a cat. But before you start working on a manicure, you should familiarize yourself with the symbolism of the animal.

Fox Manicure: Meaning and Symbolism

Very often, modern beauties, when choosing a manicure design, give their preference to the image in the form of a fox. We all know that this animal is cunning and dangerous. In myths and legends, this creature is incredulous and cautious in its actions. That is why our girls with such a picture want to express their inner world and warn those around them that they need to be careful with them.

Manicure with the image of cartoon characters

Some girls like to depict cartoon characters as well as mythical characters on their sharp legs. This design is difficult to attribute to ordinary drawings, but its image looks quite original and extraordinary. This style of ornament making always attracts the special attention of society.

Manicure with animals in art style

Some manicurists have a special talent for making manually painted nails. It looks like a real work of art or a colossal masterpiece. After all, most of the masters for the design uses stickers or ready-made stemping. For the execution of paintings requires several varieties of brushes. Each layer of the ornament applied to the nail should be dried in a UV lamp. The master must have excellent imagination and artistic skills.

Manicure with animals in geometric style

To date, the design in the style of geometry is considered the most popular and sought after. Even the images of animals are fashionable nowadays to draw in this direction. Geometric style implies the execution of a pattern with dots and lines. For a more simplified version of the application of the ornament masters use ready-made sliders and stemping.

Well, for lovers of their own hand to perform an ornament, a geometric pattern will not be difficult. Geometric animals are often created in achromatic colors. When applying this design, the most important thing is to choose the right shades and carefully apply the lines of the pattern so that the silhouette of the animal is noticeable.

Animal manicure with ready-made slides

Slides are finished drawings made in the form of colorful water stickers. This device is very convenient and practical to use. After all, not every master can perform a complex ornament. Also, these devices are used by girls who prefer to make their own manicure. Slides have a huge variety. Flowers, animals, landscapes can act as a picture. For those who consider the slide pattern unfinished, you can show your own imagination. Add a few rhinestones or sparkles in the right places.

Manicure with animals with a stemping

Stamping is a very convenient device for applying a certain pattern. This attribute has in itself already applied ornament, which is necessary with the help of special tools just transferred to the nail. As for the pattern with animals, then there may be footprints or faces. The equipment for the stemping includes: a metal plate with an ornament, a scraper, a silicone stamp, a lacquer coating or paints.

Manicure with animals using acrylic powder

Most of the manicurists use acrylic powder to create winter nail art. Basically, these are ornaments of a specific subject that cannot be performed without this adaptation. Powder serves as a means to create bumps of certain elements of the pattern (snowflakes, scarf and bear cap, and many other patterns). Often used acrylic powder delicate bed and white flowers.

Manicure with the image of animals is a great design for women’s nails. This type of jewelry can not only give the image of the girl originality, but also serve as an excellent way to lift the mood.

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