INK color in clothes – combination

Some people call it blueberry, others call it dark blue-violet, and others consider it to be violet-blue. All opinions have the right to life, because the ink color varies in shades. The main thing is that it is universal, and it can be combined with almost the entire color palette.

ink color in clothes

It is generally accepted that It is generally accepted that фиолетовый – a mixture of red and blueand ink is blue and blacktherefore, these two colors cannot be considered identical. If you have an idea of ​​how the ink looks, which are still used in pens to this day, then you really know what kind of color it is.


ink color in clothes

The hue is original and does not differ in simplicity, unlike the deaf black, which is caused by an almost imperceptible transition between violet and blue. That is, it is not entirely clear: where one ends and the other begins. Dark blue – strict and conservative, and violet – romantic and nontrivial, and as a result of their mixing a tone is obtained that will not let you get bored, because this is no longer blue, but not black yet.

Who is going to

Ink color in your clothes is not limited by any frames: neither age nor stylistic. It is equally appropriate in casual style and evening dressing sets; does not have a negative impact on the office dress code and is well perceived by fans of the Gothic style.

It is so versatile that it suits all people, and brunettes, brown-haired women, blondes and even fiery-reddish beasts can easily try it on themselves. “Ink” shade hair, and to present them in the best light, you should listen to simple recommendations:

  • any options are available for brown-haired women and brunettes;
  • dark-haired recommended dark top and light bottom;
  • blondes – on the contrary: bright at the face and saturated at the bottom.

Basic combinations in clothing

ink color palette

All-season and all-weather are epithets, which, in addition to universality, can be awarded black and blue. If you place accents correctly, then any image will make you draw attention to yourself. If you are wearing any ink garment, then know that the perfect complement to it is any bright item or accessory.

The choice of color solution in many personal preferences. If in the created image there is no bright element that literally makes you draw attention, then this will make the set heavier and make it grim.

The following colors are best combined with ink:

  • white;
  • blue;
  • red;
  • gold;
  • yellow;
  • pink;
  • Orange;
  • green.

Shades, tones, color intensity, heat do not matter, and the “contrast” does not have to be monotonous, because our color is combined with prints – floral, geometric, abstraction. The choice of print, again, depends on the mood, imagination, style chosen and personal preferences.

It is not recommended to combine “ink” with black, gray, brown and violet. Dark tones are completely inappropriate, and brown is considered completely unacceptable. It is allowed to use as a part of a wardrobe a thing (accessory) of light coffee or sand, but subject to the presence of bright detail in the outfit.

ink coat, jacket, jacket

If your wardrobe has an ink coat, sweater, jacket, skirt, blouse, pants, jeans, shorts, jumpsuit, or other thing, then its presence will provide an opportunity for experimentation.


ink with white
ink combination in clothes

If white is part of the attire, then this option can be safely attributed to the category of “workers” or office. The classic of the genre is a black and blue suit and snow-white blouse. A milk sweater and dark trousers (jeans) or a white sheath dress with a dark jacket are everyday variations.


with gray
sets with gray in clothes

Do not use in this context if there is something “ink” in it, with rare exceptions. For example, a dark jacket and light gray muffler (scarf) will look together well, but gloomy. Black – generally it is better not to consider it as an option. Why, if there are more cheerful shades.


Transforms outfit, eliminates the excessive severity of “ink” and emphasizes femininity. Good combinations:

  • ink pants (straight or tapered, skinny) with raspberry a jacket;
  • pastel pink dress with a dark jacket;
  • a dress of the “ink” color in a complex with a bright pink bag and other accessories;
  • pastel pencil skirt, deep tone blouse and beige shoes.
what to wear ink
ink in combination with pink


with yellow
images with mustard and ink

The image will be boring and memorable. Yellow will add dynamics and energy. Use its species: pastel, fawn, golden, wheat, mustard.


with green

Any variations from olive и khaki to dark greenas well as jade, emerald and marine. The combination with clothes of ink color gives an incredible visual effect, as the composition looks so original. This means that military outfits can be bundled with blue-black accessories or vice versa.

Red, Orange, Coral

kits with red
outfit with orange

If you overdo it with red, then the bow will turn out visually tense and too contrast, so it is recommended to use it in small quantities, preferring a reserved tone (burgundy, burgundy, marsala will do).Lighter in color saturation – Lighter in color saturation – Orange и coral will add femininity and tenderness. They will dilute the monotony and add an energetic accent.

White, milk, cream, cream – successfully complement such a set.

how to combine coral with ink

Golden and Silver

with gold

If you wear golden jacket with a dark dress or silvery a dress with an ink jacket, the resulting combination will look festive and elegant.

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