If you have very fluffy hair – perfect haircuts

Heavy hair can be given the necessary shape, but maintaining it in the right proportions can be difficult for a long time. Thick hair requires additional effort when styling, and in order to maintain the created structure for a long time, the use of various fixing means is necessary. In addition, thick hair requires constant nourishment, which means that there is a need for additional sources of hair saturation with necessary vitamins and minerals.

And yet, despite a number of problems, magnificent hair is always beautiful. In addition, they provide an excellent opportunity for experimentation.

Bob with bangs

Thick hair allows you to do the shortest haircuts without compromising on appearance. It doesn’t matter if it’s straight or curly hair, in any case, a stylish image is guaranteed to you. If pixy and “like a boy” are too extreme for you, then choose a short bean with a bang. A high nape and a long layered bangs will make the image piquant and mysterious.

lush hair cut - brown bean

The asymmetric option will look good, especially if the face has non-standard features.

voluminous short hair styling for those with fluffy hair


Favorite caret – a great option for thick hair. In this case, it is best to use graduation, then the hairstyle will look more light and airy. The length of the square can be any, but consider first of all the option with a bang.

styling fluffy hair with curls

graduated short haircut


A “cascade” or any other hairstyle created by a step cut of hair will look luxurious on thick hair. Especially if the hair is naturally curly. This processing method allows you to correctly distribute the strands along the entire length. A short flight of hair gives the impression of a falling waterfall, hence the name of the haircut.

cascade with long hair for women with lush hair

Long and fluffy hair

Long hair is beautiful in itself, and if it is naturally magnificent, then additional design will only enhance the effect. Thick long hair requires thinning. To give an even beautiful vertical line, a sliding slice is used. To hair always looked healthy and shiny apply a procedure called – cutting with hot scissors.

long haircut cascade

Whatever haircut you choose, it will look good only if the hair is in perfect condition. If you are lucky enough to have a thick head of hair, then try to keep it so for many years, and then old age will never come.

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