Ideas for Trendy pants fall-winter 2020-2021


Trousers are an axiom of everyday and evening look. The fall-winter 2020-2021 show showed options for different silhouettes and lengths. The lightness and flowing design of the wide variants alternates with the elegance of classic examples with arrows, and the practicality of everyday joggers with the brutal chic of leather examples. Fashionable trousers fall-winter 2020-2021 make their faithful companions sound differently – a turtleneck or a structured jacket, top or blouse.

Rope instead of a belt

Women’s trousers from the fall-winter 2020-2021 collection impress with the play of volumes and lines. Made from soft nappa leather and wool plaid, they flow freely along the silhouette. They are gathered at the waist in soft folds. The role of the belt was entrusted to perform an ordinary rope. The most stylish accessory of the season accentuates the slim waist with ease. A textured rope looks harmoniously complete with a jacket, and it fits perfectly into an ensemble based on an elegant coat for autumn-winter (photo).

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Pants

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Pants

Pants with elegant front slits

The fashion for trousers, which adorn small cuts along the front seam, timidly declared itself four years ago. The trend was launched by the Celine brand in its winter collection. Stylish and original, Victoria Beckham liked them. The designer began to actively appear in tight trousers with neat slits in the front, demonstrating good taste and excellent knowledge of fashion trends.

American actress Emily Ratzkowski entered the list of fans of variations with cuts. Fashion trends for the upcoming season have breathed new life into the voiced cuts, as demonstrated by the Burberry brand.

Fashion trousers fall / winter 2020-2021 Burberry

Wide leg trousers with high side slits

Wide leg trousers for fall-winter 2020-2021 with slits in the side seams provide relaxation and comfort. They won’t be able to go to the office. But walking, shopping, meeting with relatives or a secular cocktail is the format where women’s trousers with side slits will be indispensable. Soft suiting fabric with a high degree of drapery, cozy non-woven fabric made from natural fibers or knitted fabric are the most effective presentation of new free-cut items.

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Designers are unanimous in their opinion and believe that you should meet the coming autumn in creations with cuts. The most important thing is to decide on the degree of openness. The incisions can be minimal and reveal only narrow ankles, or as frank as possible and start just below the hip line.

Fashionable pants from the fall-winter collection 2020-2021 Chanel

Fashionable pants from the fall-winter collection 2020-2021 Chanel

Short Trousers & Culottes

The upcoming fall-winter 2020-2021 season is generously sharing design creativity. Fashionable trousers are radically different from the skinny skinny that has gone down in history. They were replaced by stylish trousers “pipes” with wide legs, the visual appearance of which justifies its name. Balenciaga showed the most chic. Fashionable shoes with heels will be a good addition to unusual designs.

The theme is continued by warm culottes, outwardly reminiscent of a midi skirt. Leaders of the autumn collections Max Mara are an excellent solution for a variety of office wardrobe. Thanks to the dense fabric, the models have a good fit, and the loose fit provides the necessary comfort.

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Pants

Tibi fashion trousers from the fall-winter 2020-2021 collection

Fashionable trousers from the collection fall-winter 2020-2021 Max Mara

Bananas and slacks

Fashionable clothes of the jazz era have penetrated the collections of the coming winter. The trend of the season promises to be banana trousers – cozy and comfortable, capable of masking the width of the hips. The winter models of the season differ from their predecessors. The previously relaxed options with the obligatory drawstring at the waist were meant for the weekend. For modern solutions, high-quality fabrics are used, and it is recommended to combine them with a classic-cut jacket.

The theme of comfort is continued by youth slacks, the comfort of which can only be compared with jeans. Invented in the 40s as simple casual pants for men, slacks first moved into the category of weekend wear and then made their way into women’s wardrobes.

Trendy banana pants from the fall-winter 2020-2021 Coach collection

Emporio Armani trendy banana trousers fall-winter 2020-2021 collection

Fashionable slacks trousers from the fall-winter 2020-2021 IRO collection

Fashionable slacks trousers from the fall-winter 2020-2021 collection by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

High Rise Arrow Pants

Classic straight-cut trousers with the correct fit are versatile. The timeless model never leaves the fashion space and periodically becomes the trend of the season. Fall runway shows have confirmed their finest hour. The return was facilitated by a suit with trousers, which has dominated the fashion arena for several seasons.

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Look based on models with arrows can be easily combined with different items of fashionable wardrobe. In the upcoming autumn-winter cold season, the length of the trousers, which completely covers the shoes, is relevant. The most winning looks are obtained with heeled ankle boots.

Fashion trousers from the fall-winter collection 2020-2021 Chloé

Oscar de la Renta Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Pants

Checked Trousers

The traditional Scottish print has become an important fall trend with a light submission from the leading fashion houses Christian Dior, Hermes, Dries Van Noten and other creators. Designers advise to choose trousers in a cage on the eve of the cool season. Only jeans can compete with the versatility and warmth of models made from natural wool.

The beauty of tartan designs is in their conservative focus. This does not negate the riot of color in the geometric print. The most interesting options will find a common language with a light jacket made of wool or leather. A set of plaid trousers with a vest made of pile material stands out for its unusual attractiveness.

Christian Dior Fashionable Pants Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Collection

Hermès Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Pants

Dries Van Noten Fall Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Pants


The pandemic has given green to the loud trend of the year – relaxed joggers. Combine sweatpants with a polo or long sleeve t-shirt for a cozy, casual weekend look.

Combining the controversial trend with a jacket and t-shirt gives the fashionista an outfit suitable for shopping or walking. Comfortable pants have long settled in Kim Kardashian’s arsenal. The star combines them with any item of her bright wardrobe and successfully conquers the fashion world.

Each x Other Fashion Trousers Fall Winter 2020-2021

Leather trousers of various styles

Leather pants have become a fashion sensation this year. Their informal nature can only be compared with freedom-loving hoodies. But thanks to the sports sweater, a relaxed mood is created, and the leather trousers carry a charge of dramatic shocking. You can neutralize the visual effect by carefully selecting the components of a fashionable bow.

An elegant blouse, an interesting belt bag, and the right footwear will reduce the degree of brutality and give leather trousers a pass to the office space with the strictest rules. Made from good quality natural materials, they will be an excellent investment in a stylish wardrobe for the coming fall.

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Each x Other Fashion Trousers Fall Winter 2020-2021

Fashionable pants from the fall-winter collection 2020-2021 Zadig & Voltaire

Hermès Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Fashion Pants

Extra wide leg pants

Wide trousers managed to finally squeeze skinny. Bloggers were the first to speak in favor of wide legs, and the trend was picked up by influencers. The bulkiness is reinforced by the excessive length that hides the shoe. Basic things – a shirt or a T-shirt, a long sleeve or cashmere golf – are excellent companions for wide trousers.

Stylists recommend combining a wide hem with a contoured top to avoid cluttering the look. Fragile girls can afford bows with sweaters made of fluffy yarns. Self-sufficient trousers, originally from the distant 60s, can easily do without additional structural details and embellishments.

Fashionable trousers from the fall-winter collection 2020-2021 Agnona

Fashionable trousers from the fall-winter collection 2020-2021 Agnona




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