How to wear stockings with a belt and velcro

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to choose the right and happy to wear these models. But there are some features that distinguish them from tights. On a belt or elastic band? Let’s see more in detail.

Models on silicone tape – practical, comfortable and very easy to wear. But do not lose sight of the option of wearing with a belt – for this purpose are special models – without the elastic, but with a dense and wide welt in the upper part.

How to wear stockings with a belt? To begin with, choose a belt that fits perfectly in size, with the ability to adjust not only the volume at the waist and hips, but also the length of the garters. This is especially important if you have a magnificent figure – simple elastic belts will suit only owners of slender hips. In any case, the belt should be perfectly suited precisely for your individual parameters.

How to wear a belt for stockings? First of all, as very sexy lingerie. It is not necessary to achieve a single stylistic solution of the entire set of linen. Pick up beautiful color combinations and good styles. How exactly to wear, depends only on the features of the figure.

Classic models with precise fit along the waistline are the most feminine option, but if you use the belt as a decorative element, then slim and narrow models that slightly cover the hips will look beautiful.

Of course, such models should not be used with clothes in everyday, and even more sporty style. But all the current feminine trends in women’s fashion perfectly combined with such underwear.
How to wear stockings with velcro on full legs

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