How to wear rough boots for girls

How to wear rough boots for girls

How to wear rough boots for girls

Rough boots have long been a trend, and in the cold season even sneakers surpass in popularity. In many regions where winter continues to be mild, girls are not going to part with these shoes in winter. Obviously, brutal boots turned out to be comfortable and practical? Yes, it is, but besides this, you can create fashionable images with them in various styles.

Shoes in the men’s style will emphasize the brutality or, conversely, the femininity of the image, complete the style of grunge, casual or military. This shoe combines well in many styles.

For several seasons in a row, designers have provided us with the opportunity to wear things that do not fit together. Sometimes it turns out funny and provocatively, and sometimes it is stylish and beautiful, but not always … Such outfits attract attention, such images are noticed and discussed, and this is exactly what designers need to talk about. On the catwalk, slender and young models look stylish and, most often, impeccable. As for us, ordinary girls and women, here it is worth listening to stylists.

And here is the first warning. Creating an image in which heavy shoes flaunt on your feet, we must assume that they will add massiveness to you. Ask yourself, do you need this?

If, nevertheless, the shoes are already standing in the wardrobe and waiting for a gorgeous look to be created with them, then consider what to wear with these comfortable shoes in winter.

Boots + dress

This is the most popular image in which girls choose any dress. However, pay attention to the most successful options that can be seen in the collections of Alexander McQueen. It seems that everyone will agree that it is stylish and beautiful.

How to wear coarse shoes
Alexander McQueen

There are images in which at first glance it seems that things do not fit together, but if you look, it turns out that everything is in place, and massive shoes even decorate. Contrast makes the look and silhouette more elegant.

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How to wear boots stylishly
Photo above – Antonio Marras and 2 Zadig & Voltaire
Photo below – Nicole Miller

How to wear boots stylishly

Powerful shoes + jeans or pants + shirt, sweater or jacket

This is one of the most versatile and comfortable options. When we put on trousers in a set, the right decision will be to highlight the shoes, in other words, trousers and jeans should be shortened. As for the width of the trousers, here the option will be more elegant – with narrowed trousers, and more fun – with wide and short, like culottes.

How to wear coarse shoes
Belstaff and 2 pics Rag & Bone
Shiatzy Chen, Zadig & Voltaire

How to wear coarse shoes

In general, trousers can be different, but if we talk about the styles of military, casual, grunge, in which our shoes fit perfectly, then choose skinny, riding breeches, cargo, chinos and even leggings and overalls. A set of long sweater dresses and leggings can perfectly complete heavy, massive boots.

What to wear with brutal boots to look stylish
Rag & bone

Brutal shoes + skirt + sweater or shirt

What should I look for in this kit? Firstly, on the skirt. How long can a skirt be? A long skirt can be chosen lush and airy from light fabric, pleated from the same fabric or a little denser. This option will give more femininity and grace.

Stylish combinations with a skirt
Nicole Miller and Rag & Bone

If you stay on a short skirt, then it is better to consider mischievous options or pleated skirts.

Nicole miller

Boots + jacket + skirt or pants (jeans)

Rough boots will be appropriate in those outfits in which the jacket is present. This option is always certain. For example, a bomber jacket, a leather jacket or a denim jacket. The jacket jacket also goes well with men’s boots, especially if the jacket is leather.

Stylish images of autumn-winter
Versace, Brognano, Nicole Miller

The combination in multilayer sets looks appropriate. Layering will create shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, vests and many other items of clothing.

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Versace, Shiatzy Chen

Outerwear Sets

Winter boots go well not only with jackets, but also with coats, down jackets and even fur coats. One of the important points in creating a stylish look is the right choice of a combination of prints and shades. For winter sets, you can use shortened sheepskin coats, sports jackets, fur vests or short fur coats.

How to wear boots stylishly
2 photos of Rag & Bone and Jeremy Scott

As you can see, there is no shortage of creating images. If you choose the right shoe model and create a fashionable look, then almost any woman can wear such shoes. Approach your figure critically, consider the scope of your activity and your own style.

Brutal boots in modern fashion are more loyal, celebrities appear in them at a cocktail party, in restaurants, at the premiere of the film and many other events. The main thing is to connect them correctly in a set of things with which you create an image.

Fashionable images with shoes

Fashionable images with shoes
Budapest Selection, Bally

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