How to wear Nude Lipstick

Contrary to the popular belief that lipstick nude is beige, the tint of this makeup tool for each girl is selected individually. The essence of natural make-up is that all the colors of the cosmetics used most closely match the natural skin color. Therefore, if your own tone of your lips is pink or burgundy, beige and brown will in no way meet the requirements of this. To pick up lipstick should be close to the natural color of the lips.

Lipstick nude shade for fair-skinned and blondes;
Holders of fair skin and hair usually have pale, pinkish lips. An excellent choice in this case will be coral lipstick, cold pink and honey beige. These colors perfectly emphasize the natural tone of the lips, and the transparent texture of the lipstick helps to moisturize them effectively and improve their appearance.
Lipstick nude for brunettes;

Dark hair, and even more – a dark complexion, usually combined with a bright, rich natural color of the lips. Therefore, nude lipstick brunettes should choose terracotta, light brick, pale red or burgundy tone. It is worth noting that the presence of a chimmer in such cosmetics is undesirable because it looks too unnatural, giving the skin an extra shine. Simply moisturize your lips well.

Best Nude Lipsticks;

A good lipstick should fit tightly and evenly, nourish the skin of the lips and conform to their natural shade. The following means meet these requirements:

1. YSL Sweet Honey. A great example of warm light brown tones for fair-skinned women. Lipstick has a creamy and matte texture.
2. Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Color Arabesque. This tool slightly brightens the lips, but at the same time retains their natural color. Lipstick falls very tight, well caring for the skin.
3. PUPA Diva`s Rouge. Despite the light shine, cosmetics perfectly emphasizes the natural shade of the lips due to the transparent structure and reflective particles.
4. L`Oreal Color Riche. A fairly rich pigmentation of this lipstick is well suited for brunettes with dark skin. The remedy lies down very smoothly, qualitatively fills the cracks and irregularities on the skin.
5. Guerlain Garance Rouge G Lipstick. Another lipstick for brunettes. A bright tone gradually acquires the natural color of your skin, deeply moisturizes your lips.

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