How to wear caramel? How do these Chinese sisters spend so

Today I want to introduce you to a fashion blogger, Natalie Lim Suarez, who happened to like it. I happened to find that she still has a good sister and a fashion blogger. The number of fans on the INS is more than 60W.

  The dress styles of the two girls are biased towards the hippie style, and they like all kinds of browns, and this autumn and winter especially love caramel!

  Caramel color is really popular this year, but many people choose caramel coats and take the elegant temperament route. But, after watching Suarez’s pair of fashion sisters, you may open a new perspective.

  Natalie & Dylana Lim Suarez is a mixed-race sister, a Chinese-Spanish hybrid. Natalie looks more in Europe and America, and Dylana is more like an Asian. Their style is very special, there is a kind of hippie style, the caramel color they wear, it will look like a wild feeling!

  This year’s popular caramel coat, Natalie chose the black that I always like, with a patent leather small skirt and exaggerated earrings, it will make people feel individuality

  Also a caramel coat with a black knit sweater, Dylana made a slight contrast with a mint green bag, which became very fashionable and the shoes were very distinctive.

  If you think brown with black is too dull, try Dylana this trick, change a bright color bag

  In fact, the green and caramel colors are really suitable for contrast CP.

  Because the caramel color or the whole warm brown color is a low-saturation color, it is natural to match the other colors with the same low saturation. For example, the dark green color is also very good.

  When the dark green jacket is paired with the brown wide-leg pants, Dylana chose a white printed top for the inside, which would make it look refreshing. Shoes and wide-leg pants are the same color, so that the legs look too long?

  Dylana likes the brown trousers. Is this caramel or brown wide-leg pants really good to wear? Feel free to take a slim sweater.

  Similar brown and green contrasts and this group

  If you want to wear more fashionable, all you need is some fashionable gadgets, such as wide-brimmed vintage sunglasses and fashionable wide shoulder strap bags.

  This kind of brown wide-leg pants is very retro, very suitable for hippie style, Natalie also likes to wear, but she wears a long paragraph, feels more handsome boyfriend

  Natalie uses brown wide-leg pants with grey, which seems to be more advanced than Dylana with black.

  Also good-looking is this dark brown wide-leg pants, mopping pants high waist, looks too long legs, coupled with a suit to wear a sister no problem!

  Caramel color itself is a low-saturation, very retro color, a large area of ​​color sometimes looks too nostalgic and a bit old-fashioned, but it will become interesting to change the printing! It’s best to take a caramel or brown striped sweater, and you can have a French style with a pair of black straight trousers.

  And this year’s popular vintage checkered jacket, Dylana wears a checkered suit with a little caramel color, it feels very warm, and will be more energetic than the common black and white gray check.

  Dylana really wears caramel color, she will mix different pieces of similar colors, the brown printed shirt inside, the gray sweater outside also has a little brown edge, brown bag, and caramel color Leg pants, do a good match, it seems to echo the whole.

  This brown printed straight leg pants, everyday wear should be quite difficult to control, but Dylana chose a brown-colored camel top and a brown bag to match, it seems very harmonious!

  How can this kind of matching routine Natalie not? This caramel color is so beautiful! I like her caramel dress, but this is a silk style, not suitable for winter. If you like, you can choose the caramel-colored knit dress below.

  Sometimes they will choose a small area of ​​caramel or brown to match, to achieve the contrast effect, such as brown slanting small bags and socks, and the fragrant purple can also contrast color.

  The red-brown chain bag hits the green suit, and it has a feeling of retro fashion pictorial. If you want to wear the caramel color, the green color is really worth a try!

  By the way, you can also try the red and brown lines that belong to the warm color system, and the best denim blue, you can create a retro hippie girl!

  How to wear a warm caramel color this winter? Did the Suarez sister give you some inspiration?

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