How to wear and Style oversize clothes – 51 photos of fashionable images

How to wear and Style oversize clothes – 51 photos of fashionable images

Every girl wants to diversify her wardrobe. Even if there is a basic style, I want to add something new. For such a beautiful thing, oversize things are suitable. These are not only stylish, but also comfortable things. These models will fit into the classic strict style and sporty. Oversize will not accentuate the curves of the figure, but it is not for that either. You can wear it as a second layer, combine a relaxed style or a sporty chic look. Check out several oversized clothing combinations.

Jumper (hoodie)

Bulky jumpers have always been in fashion among young people. Putting them on creates a feeling of comfort and convenience.
Jumper models are pretty standard, so it’s easy to assemble an image with it. Now the most fashionable options are mom hoodies and jeans. This image looks very youthful and daring. In addition, you can add a little piquancy if you wear a cropped one instead of a classic hoodie. In this case, choose without a hood and complement the image with long chains with an unusual pendant.

Shoes can be in the form of large sneakers, and heeled shoes will look interesting for the look with a cropped jumper.


What could be more pleasant than a warm oversized cardigan? It’s like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa on an autumn evening. Such cardigans are presented in chunky knit with massive buttons or without them at all. But you can combine them in a variety of ways.

One of the options is to add to a delicate feminine dress with spaghetti straps or an airy one made of chiffon, which will further emphasize your fragility. Also try pairing with a classic white shirt or top, while pulling down one sleeve of the cardigan.


This year, “parachute” dresses have become especially fashionable. They are both light summer ones and with long sleeves for cool periods. Such dresses are suitable for all types of figure, as it completely hides her. The parachute goes well with sandals or sneakers.

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Also, loose dresses can be just straight cut or with small gathers under the bust. In them, you can beautifully emphasize the waist with a wide belt or leave it free. Such dresses should not be covered with tight-fitting outerwear, only a similar straight or flared cut.



The oversized coat is one of the most fashionable in the last few seasons. Usually it is a direct-sewn coat or “cocoon”. We choose such models without unnecessary design elements. Let it be just buttons and pockets.

The shoulders in the oversize coat are made single with the sleeves or down. This model is perfect for those with large shoulders.

The versatility of such a coat cannot be missed. It is combined with both a strict pantsuit and loose-fitting jeans. Any skirt and dress will work perfectly, only in this case, choose longer coat models.


Shirts are always stylish and fashionable. And oversized shirts certainly keep up. The oversized style in shirts on girls is more like a shirt from a man’s shoulder. And by the way, stylists often use this technique when dressing girls in shirts from the men’s department.

Shirts of this kind look best with jeans. The most common are white and blue. Thick cotton is preferred from fabric, and linen is preferred in hot weather. Although they wrinkle quite a bit, this will only add extra chic.

Wear them on top without tucking in, and it looks very stylish. As a last resort, you can tuck in half of the shirt, creating an asymmetry of the image.


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