How to wear a sweater with a shirt?

Currently, sweater is considered one of the favorite universal things in the wardrobe of women of all ages. And the most popular this year was the sweater model with a shirt imitation.

Designers have long been accustomed to “duplicate” several things into one model, thereby simplifying the lives of many girls. Based on the very act of transforming two things into one, this snag was called “imitation of two”.

Most often, this model of a sweater has a white collar, which looks out from behind a jacket, creating the appearance of the presence of a shirt. Such a sweater with a decorated collar is very comfortable. It is not necessary to constantly pull up the shirt, or refill it in pants or skirt. In addition, such an “imitation of two” will significantly save the time of its owner, because instead of two things, she will put one on.

This model is very relevant and like many girls and women. But do not overlook the usual combination of a sweater and a shirt. The ways of combining them are various and extremely diverse. It is necessary to “get” only a couple of shirts, and you can embellish their favorite sweater with them, as well as transform your image from elegant to casual.


Do you have a thin waist and generally a beautiful figure? Fine. So, we are quite suitable for a short sweater. Want something more traditional and comfortable? Then you should pay attention to the sweater with a sewn shirt. How to choose?


This is a very popular model. True, the format of this clothing suggests that the belly of a happy owner will be barely covered. And if the sweater is asymmetrical and shortened from the front, it will open the navel for all to see. To this, of course, you need to be ready, and therefore this model of sweater is suitable for puffs only if it is worn together with a bottom at a high waist.

Such a model is rarely sewn with an “imitation of two”, because the shirt in combination with this model will look good draped over the jacket. That is why if you plan to wear a cropped sweater with a shirt, you should choose a thing from a thin fabric, for example, knitwear.

A very popular combination of short plain sweaters with a denim shirt. When choosing a jacket, you should pay attention to such actual colors as classic white and black, as well as bardo, dark blue and cool green.

Bottom should not be bright. For a short sweater perfectly fit pants and skirts with a high waist. Shoes better pick a rough, thick-soled and stable heels.

With a sewn shirt

Keep in mind that a tight collar in an office style blouse looks great with a rounded neck. You can “season” a miracle with a tie – it should be a narrow or small bow of light or dark neutral color.

This model is very popular with high school students and a business woman. She is comfortable enough and fits perfectly even in the most strict dress code. In this case, the combination of sweaters with “imitation of two” of black or gray colors with strict straight or tapered trousers is successful. Of the skirts you should pay attention to such models as a pencil skirt and a pleated skirt.

A successful combination

There are a huge variety of options for combining sweaters with shirts, but at the moment we will consider the most popular ones.


This year a short sweater is in fashion. Combining it with a shirt is not at all difficult.

To create a business style is to get a shirt strictly cut with a stiff collar. It can be safely worn under a shortened sweater, if the latter does not have a gum around the edge, and its cut is quite spacious. It is worth noting that not every girl and woman can do this, but only those who can boast of a good figure.

It is better for pyshkam not to stop the choice on a sweater of this length. But, if you really want to, you can try using a plain sweater with a decorated detachable collar in combination with jeans tapering to a bottom at a high waist.

When choosing a sweater with a print, you should not combine it with a shirt in any pattern or ornament, so as not to overload the image. It is better to choose a plain shirt of bed tones, so as not to distract attention from the sweater.

Nowadays, a cropped sweater with a decorated hem of a shirt hemmed down is not uncommon. This is one of the forms of “imitation of two”, which will perfectly fit into everyday style.


A favorite combination of youth – a sweater with a denim shirt.

Fashion designers turned our usual jeans into a denim shirt made of lightweight fabric, which you can easily throw on a cool summer evening, and also create an interesting look in the fall, connecting it with a sweater.

The sweater in this case should be sewn of thin material. This set will make great friends with skinny jeans, a light backpack and high-top sneakers.

To create a more elegant look, you should pay attention to the bulk leather bag, as well as shoes with a small heel. Casual jeans can be replaced with a classic straight cut skirt or pencil skirt.

How and with what to wear

A thin spacious sweater in the style of “casual” is best combined with a shirt in a cage. Add to the set of jeans and a clutch to create a stylish image, and do not forget about your favorite ankle boots.

The style of “Grunge” also does not require much effort from girls. One has only to wear a black shirt under a fitted gray sweater, add a mini-skirt or denim shorts, and shoes to pay attention to massive shoes. A leather backpack with studs and studs will fit perfectly in this style.

You can create a classic style with a voluminous fluffy black sweater with a fake shirt collar. You can wear straight trousers with an arrow down, or a pencil skirt with a length just below the knees. From shoes you can choose oxfords or slipona, as well as pick up stiff shoes on a long strap.

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