How to wear a sweater and skirt?

The upcoming cold season dramatically changes all the usual preferences in clothing. Our hands themselves stretch out of the closet sweater and jeans. The sweater is useful to us, but in jeans the girl loses her precious femininity. It’s good that fashion is changeable, and now we can easily combine the incompatible. Therefore, as the bottom, we choose a skirt.


The idea to combine diverse things has existed for a long time, so it is always interesting. The combination of a skirt and a sweater touches with its immediacy. Many famous designers have proven that such a duet has every right to exist.

A sweater with a skirt should be tried on at least for the sake of curiosity. There is a huge chance that you will like it. So, the wardrobe will be replenished with new, original combinations.

Skirt styles


Nowadays is the most common among others. This is a classic, narrowed skirt to the knees. She is incredibly universal, therefore, combined with a huge number of clothes.

The union of her and oversized sweaters will be very successful. Bottom fits nicely legs, emphasizing the bend of the hips. Therefore, the top will create a balance, and the image will not look baggy.

A skirt of high fit and a shortened jumper with an elastic band are considered to be no less fashionable bow. This will surely highlight the waist, and for the better will affect the length of the legs.

It is very important to combine such a bottom with heels, at least a small size.


This style will appeal to those who love freedom and comfort in their movements. Will appeal to girls who want to hide their imperfect hips. Due to its volume, it visually reduces the top of the body, which means that the waist seems to be thinner.

The skirt sun should be combined with light sweaters straight cut. The length of the jacket should not be lower than the hips, otherwise the line between the top and the bottom will be broken. If the jumper is very thin, then you can fill it.


A good option for evening bow. It differs from other styles in that it has many layers, so it looks very flirty. Its length may differ, but with a sweater more suitable midi.

It should be noted that the multicolored and pastel colors are a child’s option. With a sweater will be best to combine deep shades. The top should be finely knit, straight cut, and with an unexpressed neckline.

This bottom is considered very elegant, so optional accessories are required. Try to try on a small necklace and bracelet in the same style. This will instantly revive the image, and will prove that you understand fashion trends.


A tutu is a multi-layered skirt on a small elastic band. Most often it is made of tulle or organza. Therefore, it is very light and airy.

This thing is not easy to combine with a warm element of the wardrobe. Therefore, choose not very short models, with fewer layers. A sweater should not be massive, fit a model of a simple cut.

The combination of tutu and sweater with lurex will be most beautiful. If you do not like this option, then there is another alternative – a jumper made of mohair. Fluffy material will make friends with an air bundle.


This model is popular not for the first season. A skirt in a repeating small fold looks classic and restrained. The length can be quite short, and can reach the floor. However, midi is now the most popular option.

Very often, the plisse is removed from the skin. Therefore, with sweaters coarse and coarse-knit perfectly combined. Another good bow will be obtained from the union of a thin sweater with a collar tucked into a skirt.

The main thing is that the top does not overload the bottom with its volumes. Fluffy elements are useless here.


This skirt is unique in that it fits the body to the middle of the hips, and already below it goes into the volume. Its distinguishing feature is trapezoidal wings. The more of them, the more interesting the model. The most popular length is 10 centimeters above the knees.

This option will make friends with an elongated sweater. It will be well combined with a bulk model.

Flare is a good option for an evening look. Accessories in this case do not interfere.


Differs in its original design. Bottom is divided into two clear triangles, so the name. The length reaches mid-thigh.

Origami looks great with a mohair sweater, especially in contrasting shades. If the skirt has a rather high fit, then you can try on a short jumper. Two stylish combinations in one image – this is a bomb.

The unusual design of our hero likes to attract the same extraordinary things. Therefore, shoes and a bag in the style of “boho” will fall in time.

Skirt materials


Fatin is a dense mesh material made of polyester. Differs in its lightness and airiness. Tulle skirts are very festive and carefree. Their bulk is achieved due to the increase in the number of layers. Packs are sewn precisely from this canvas.


Gentle cloth, which is considered very popular for several seasons. Lace skirts look very romantic and elegant.

For winter options, layering or overlaying on other fabrics is used. Thus, it is often possible to observe a combination of a weightless web on more dense materials. The most popular style is considered a pencil skirt. She often decorate the bottom, leaving a few inches of transparent fabric.


Insanely popular material for the cold season. Now in great demand color models. Leather is a dense and practical fabric.

It is impossible to single out any particular style that is sewn from this canvas. A lot of models, but most of them are suitable for winter.


This is a dense, warm fabric, from which warm skirts and dresses are most often sewn. This is a woolen cloth that has an unusual, embossed texture.

Skirts of direct cut most often can be found from this material. Usually the length is just above the knees. This is a great option for those who are afraid to freeze.

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