How to wear a popular “pea” print

The “pea” print was already at the epicenter of attention last year, but today, oddly enough, it is again among the leaders. In the new season we will wear a pea print in a new way: in a trend, the combination of large and small peas, as well as accessories with this immortal pattern.

First, notice the color of the print. The multi-colored version was presented on the catwalks, but the most relevant (and universal) black and white. Although no less interesting is the trend combination of this spring – brown + beige.

Secondly, the size of the print is important: the more complex the cut, the smaller the pea. And vice versa.

Thirdly, the “peas” on the accessories (tights, gloves, scarves) should be shallow or translucent – literally weightless. The drawing should not seem too contrasting – rather tender.

How to combine “peas” in the new season

Of course, the “hottest” combination of this print is “pea” and “pea”, that is, two variants of the popular print in various variations (large peas + small, contrast + low contrast, etc.).

It is possible to combine even more polka-dot 2-s in the image. But only if you are sure that it looks stylish (consider also the relevance of the silhouette, cut). The combination is very bold, perhaps not for everyone.

Easier when this combination is found in a ready-made suit, dress or a sundress.

Another bold and very interesting combination that designers offer is a combination of prints in different shades: not too contrasting, or just repeating each other in reverse variation. For example, here is such a black and brown.

Or traditional black and white + white and black.

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