How to wear a cufflink shirt?

For a very long time, it has been assumed that a man in a classic ironed shirt looks presentable and stylish. And this is true, because there is nothing more elegant than a classic dress that has been walking hand in hand with fashion trends for many years. But the shirt, although it is an independent part of the wardrobe, still needs accessories. In addition to the tie and a special clip for it, there is such a decoration as cufflinks, which will be discussed.

What are cufflinks

Cufflinks are specialized clasps from simple or jewelry metals that are inserted into the cuffs of a shirt.

The history of cufflinks stems from Europe, as early as the beginning of the 17 century, where they were first used as special ribbons for tying sleeves. Over time, buttons made of glass were used as cufflinks, and after a while, various precious metals and stones. And only in 1924, the cufflinks acquired the final version of the look, which they remain to this day.

How to choose a shirt and cufflinks

As a rule, to use cufflinks, it is necessary to select a special shirt that has corresponding slots in the cuffs of the sleeves. It is also worth noting that there are several types of cufflinks.

Regarding symmetry

There are two types of cufflinks, with respect to symmetry, which are appropriate names. Symmetrical cufflinks are identical parts on both sides, and asymmetrical imply that the decoration is only on one side, and the second is a simple clasp.

Regarding the hook mechanism

Parts of cufflinks can be interconnected in various ways, the most popular of which is rotating pin. Versions of chains, conventional fasteners and rigid linkage mechanisms are used much less frequently.

Regarding stylistic features

Classic models are a rigorous appearance and appropriate form. Models that have a specific theme, as a rule, reflect the personal qualities of the owner of the thing.

Men’s cufflinks, usually, strict, and women’s – in the form of precious stones. There are also cufflinks of unusual shape, for example, in the form of skulls or female silhouettes.

How to wear

It is not enough just to buy cufflinks, you still need to learn how to use them and combine them with the other elements of the image. In addition, it is important to choose the right cuff links so that they are always relevant. We will tell you in more detail how to do it exactly, which models are most relevant for all sorts of situations and how to combine cufflinks with other accessories.

With jacket

Cuffed shirt cuffs must protrude from under the sleeves of the jacket. By the way, the presence of cufflinks also determines the presence of a jacket, since in the absence of it the image will be incomplete and the cufflinks will look out of place.

Do not forget that cufflinks are also a decoration, so they must fit the setting like any other accessory. For example, elegant models of cufflinks, decorated with gold and precious stones, it is better to wear on solemn events, and classic models – to use as a daily option.

With butterfly

As with cufflinks, a bowtie needs a special cut of the shirt, since a regular model may not fit this accessory. But in combination, butterflies and cufflinks have one simple rule – they absolutely do not have to be combined in any way, because the butterfly is not used to be used for everyday look, and cufflinks for the celebration will be in harmony with it anyway.

Cufflinks with a shirt

In addition to combining with various kinds of accessories, it is important to learn how to combine cufflinks with the color of the shirt, since not all combinations fit each other stylistically and will look fashionable and, all the more, appropriate. Let us consider in more detail what color of a shirt can coexist with a certain color of cufflinks.


White shirt is good because you can pick up cufflinks of almost any color, with any kind of decor. Due to the uniqueness of white color, its compatibility with any other colors is very great.

As for the festive events, you’d better pick up silver or gold cufflinks to a white shirt, having a decor in the form of neat stones, discreet shades. In this case, your image will be elegant and sophisticated.


Regarding the black shirt, it is worth noting that everything is much more complicated because black is not as rich in compatibility with other colors. Best of all, a black shirt will look with the same silver cufflinks, decorated with silver, lilac, green, blue and black stones. Golden cufflinks will look cheap and vulgar with a black shirt, so it is better not to combine these two things.

The usual model for cufflinks: is it possible?

For many, it may be a little inconvenience to buy a special shirt that fits cufflinks, but this is more a necessity than a whim. A regular shirt has only one connector for a button and the cuffs are clasped like a smell. While the shirt model for the cufflinks has two such connectors, on each side of the cuff, and is fixed by the cufflink, as if attached, to each other.

These are two completely different models of shirts, so the answer to the question about the relevance of the usual model will be categorical – no, the usual shirt model does not fit.

Women’s bows from stylists

It is believed that cufflinks are part of a purely male wardrobe, but no matter how. Women use cufflinks in the same way, and there are many female models.

A very harmonious office style look, if you combine a classic pencil skirt in dark gray, a light blue cotton shirt with a classic cut, with inconspicuous stripes, as well as cufflinks in the form of white small pearls. The image is sophisticated and concise.

Bright and unusual will be A combination of black trousers with arrows, a bright pink shirt with white cuffs and unusual round cufflinks with a white middle and silver edges. Such an image will help to dilute the boring office style and still remain relevant.

A light beige shirt with white cuffs and black dress pants will perfectly complement the silver cufflinks with a lemon-colored oval stone design. The image is gentle, but at the same time, to the best of business.

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