How to tie a tippet on a coat – 30 photo and video techniques for all occasions

Any outerwear begins to play with new colors, if you add it to the charming wrap. Such accessories can have many variants of stylistic design and be made of different materials. In addition, there are several ways to tie a tippet on a coat, with which you can change the image at will.

How to wear a tippet with a coat?

Every woman who wants to look stylish and attractive even in the cold season needs to know how to tie a tippet on a coat. Although this accessory is intended for additional warming and protection from the wind, in reality, it is more used to create an individual style and showcase fine taste and femininity . There are many ways to tie a luxurious scarf over outerwear, each of which has its own advantages.

how to wear a tippet with a coat

How to wear a tippet with a classic coat?

A beautiful and sophisticated cashmere scarf, which can be in harmony as well as contrast with the main product, is ideal for classic outerwear. There are several ways how beautiful it is to wear a stole with a classic-style coat to look irresistible, for example:
  • Throw an accessory on the shoulders, and twist its long end and secure with a brooch;
  • if the product is supplemented with a wide belt, the scarf can be slung over the neck, and its ends tucked under the belt;
  • the classic looks great and with this option of tying – the accessory is located behind the neck and is wrapped around it several times, and its ends hang evenly in front on the sides.
how to wear a tippet with a classic coat

How to wear a tippet with a coat with a hood?

A scarf-tippet should be worn on a coat with a hood, taking into account how this part will be used. So, if a girl assumes that the hood will be worn on her head during the entire time, a scarf is better to tie under it, whereas in the opposite situation you can tie an accessory on top of this part. At the same time it is very important that the hood is not too bulky – otherwise it is better to refuse a large accessory at all, preferring a miniature scarf made of thin yarn.
There are several ways to tie a tippet on a coat with a hood. Stylists and designers recommend young ladies to choose those options in which the accessory does not create additional volume, for example:
  • tie the product around the neck, and leave its ends on top of the outerwear. If the accessory creates additional volume, it is better to hide its ends under the article of clothing;
  • to stretch a scarf under a hood over an item of outerwear;
  • in addition, surround accessories can be worn with a similar product in the unbuttoned form, wrapping them around the neck.
how to wear a tippet with a coat with a hood

How to wear a tippet with a collarless coat?

Ways of tying the tippet on a coat without a collar are very diverse, however, most of them come down to creating additional warming and volume around the neck. So, stylists recommend that any accessory be wound in several layers, which visually make the image much more interesting and attractive.
In this case, it is better to give preference to products that contrast with the main surface – they look bright and become the main focus of the fashionable look. In addition, in the absence of a collar, you can create an imitation of a collar-collar with the help of a scarf-stole – to do this, you must tie the ends of the accessory and make an eight of it, then fold it in half and put this object on over your head. If necessary, such a part can replace a headdress.
how to wear a tippet with a collarless coat

How to wear a tippet with a coat with a collar?

The choice of how to tie a tippet on a coat with a collar depends primarily on its cut and style. Depending on what type of collar complements the upper wardrobe item, it is best to wear a scarf to it using the following methods:
  • A scarf-stole to a coat with a stand-up collar can be tied with an ordinary loose single knot in the chest area, gently spreading a cloth of material over the shoulders and back. If desired, you can fold the fabric in half, thread the folded ends into the resulting loop and slightly tighten the knot to the neck;
  • in the upper garment, which has an English collar, a deep cut is often formed, because of which in cold weather it can be uncomfortable. In this case, the stylists recommend wrapping the scarf around the neck and gently straightening it, ensuring that this thing lies on the chest area with several tiers widened to the bottom. To prevent this structure from breaking up, it can be sealed with a beautiful brooch or pin;
  • There is another way to tie a tippet on a coat that fits any type of outerwear , regardless of the collar. Thus, it can always be thrown over the shoulders so that the ends hang evenly from the shoulders, and stabbed with a beautiful brooch or pin. Best of all in this case will fit a massive accessory round shape.
how to wear a tippet with a collar coat

How to wear a large tippet with a coat?

Cutting a large fabric always creates additional volume, so you need to wear it with care. There are several ways to properly wear a coat of coat with a coat if it has an impressive size, for example:
  • throw on the shoulders and tie a knot, placing the ends asymmetrically;
  • wrap around a concise gate;
  • wrap one end around the neck and leave the other loose. If there is a belt, this end can be plugged behind the belt;
  • tie on a single knot and dissolve the ends on the shoulders in the form of a bow;
  • Another good way to tie a large tippet on a coat, put one of the ends of a large scarf over the shoulder, and fasten the second one using a massive pin or brooch around the neck.
how to wear a big tippet with a coat

How to wear a tippet with a coat and hat?

To create a stylish image, many young ladies use several accessories at once, which can be either designed in the same style or contrasted with each other. As a rule, putting on such things with outerwear with a deep cut, they are tucked inside, leaving only a small part of the scarf in sight. In other cases, it is possible to demonstrate beautiful additions to the fashionable look’a, wearing a scarf-tippet over a coat and a fashionable hat in the same style – such a combination will give outfit harmony and completeness.
how to wear a stole with a coat and hat

How to wear a trench coat with a short coat?

A cropped outerwear looks harmoniously with a stole scarf wrapped around the neck several times. In this case, it visually resembles a fat snud and focuses the attention of others on the young lady’s upper body — the head, shoulders, and neck. To prevent such an accessory from unwinding, its ends must be immediately knotted, forming a large ring, and then wrapped several times around the neck.
Another interesting way to tie a tippet on a short coat is to throw it so that the main canvas is located on the chest and the ends go to the back. Depending on the length of the tips, they can be tied in a knot or fastened to each other with a pin. In addition, you can always throw a tippet on the head with a coat of mini-length – this combination looks very feminine and attractive and is ideal for a demi-season.
how to wear a trench coat with a short coat

How to wear a tippet with a long coat?

Ways to tie a tippet on a maxi or midi length coat are very variable, for example:
  • Throw the product around the neck and twist it twice on the chest. Attach the ends of the accessory on the shoulders, straighten to fold the folds beautifully down. In place of twisting, you can position your favorite brooch;
  • Throw the accessory around the neck, and lower one of its ends no lower than the collarbone. The remaining long end wrap around the neck as many times as possible. In conclusion, both tips must be hidden in the resulting ring;
  • with a classic maxi-length outerwear, the palatine flower looks charmingly. It is very simple to make it – it is necessary to wrap a scarf around the neck, and from the remaining ends build a beautiful flower, which can be located in the center of the neck or slightly to the side.
how to wear a tipple with a long coat

How to wear a tippet with an oversized coat?

Since the outerwear in overseas style looks very voluminous, it should not be complemented with bulky accessories. For this reason, stylists recommend wearing a scarf-stole under a coat-oversay, hiding its ends in the thickness of the material, or leave them hanging freely, wrapping the scarf around the neck no more than two times.
how to wear a tippet with an oversized coat

Stole to leather coat

Outerwear made of genuine leather is a special chic. She is incredibly popular with the fair sex of different ages, who gladly complement her with beautiful and sophisticated accessories. When choosing such items of clothing, you should not be too zealous with the styling of a stole scarf – it is much better to throw it over your shoulders and neck.
In this case, preference is given to a bright product, which will be the main “highlight” of the image. For example, the stole to the gray coat of genuine leather can be made in soft pink shade and decorated with a charming floral print. The white scarf with tassels is perfect for the black model. Palatine to a green coat of leather should be sustained in dark colors.
stole to leather coat

Black coat

Considering how to wear a scarf stole with a coat, it is worth considering not only its cut and style, but also the color and stylistic performance. The most versatile items of clothing that are easily combined with a variety of accessories are models in black. If you wish, you can pick up both light and dark additions to them, however, you need to make sure that they do not merge too much with the main material.
To outerwear black color scheme is best suited the following options:
  • a beautiful scarf-stole, made in pastel shades, wrapped around the neck several times;
  • charming product with a large print . Stylists recommend placing it in such a way that a large area of ​​the accessory remains on the chest – this will allow to demonstrate to others a beautiful ornament or embroidery;
  • models with a concise print, for example, a cell or a strip. They will be able to somewhat refresh the image, if you wrap them around the neck once and leave the ends free to hang.
tack under black coat

Tippet for red coat

Red outerwear always attracts attention and becomes the main focus of the image. For this reason, it should not be supplemented with too bright and eye-catching accessories, and, in addition, you should not get carried away with too complex stacked layouts. Among all the ways it is fashionable to tie a tippet on a red coat, the lightest are clearly distinguished – single or double winding, a scarf-ring and a collar-collar, which can be thrown over the head if desired.
tippet for red coat

How to wear a tippet with a coat on your head?

Not all girls love to wear hats. Many women of fashion refuse this accessory in favor of the charming scarf-stole, which can be thrown over the head at any time of the year. Thanks to many different ways to tie a tippet on top of a coat, such products often look much more attractive than hats. Among the most popular options are the following:
  • bandage. This way how to tie a tippet on a coat on the head can be used only if there is a material of sufficient length. You can make a bandage out of it in the following way: several times fold along the long part so as to obtain a narrow strip. Wrap it around the head, closing the ears, cross the ends at the back and bring them back where the neat little knot should be tied;
  • kerchief – the most common way to use such products. In this case, the accessory must be folded in half, so that a triangle is formed, twist the ends of the scarf around the neck, then remove it back and tie it in a knot;
  • pirate. Wrap the fabric around the head and knot the ends and hang them hanging. In another variation of this method, the ends can be collapsed and form a kind of bow from them.
how to wear a tippet with a coat on your head

Coat with stole at the neck

Every girl who likes to create stylish and attractive images needs to know how to tie a tippet beautifully on a coat and what to do to cover her neck. In a situation where the neck area is covered with outerwear, for example, using a stand-up collar, stylists recommend imposing this product on top of it, creating additional volume or leaving the ends loosely hanging. If the item of clothing has a deep cut, a scarf-stole is better to wind around the neck, straightening the fabric or canvas on an open area of ​​the body.
coat with stole at the neck

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