How to style a layered (graded) haircut

Mousses, foams, gels and wax. Most often, these funds are used on still wet hair, manually giving them the necessary shape. It is enough to beat the hair with your hands, squeezing it with your fingers. In this case, the volume will be due to natural disheveled. Recently, this type of styling is the most popular, as it is simple to execute and does not take much time.

Laying a layered haircut with a brush

If you want to create a certain form of a model haircut, then you need to use a hairdryer and a round brush. We begin the installation process from the sides. Gently curling your hair with a brush, blow dry each strand with a hairdryer. Thus, graded caret and bean fit. In the presence of a bang, its styling is best done with a smaller brush.

In the same way, short graded haircuts can be stacked. In this case, the volume is done on the crown, and it is better to use not a round, but a flat comb. Raising the upper strands, pull them with the comb as high as possible and blow dry with a hairdryer in the opposite direction to the hair growth. A shape in the form of a hat is created. To keep the hairstyle for a long time, gently fix it with varnish, applying it at arm’s length.

Stacking – washed and dried upside down

If you do not have much time to put your hair, then there is one simple way that most girls use. Wet hair should be dried with a hairdryer simply by lowering your head down. Hair dried in this way, without raising your head, can be slightly beaten or lightly combed, fixed with a small portion of varnish and only then raise your head.

With the help of hands to smooth the hair, slightly pressing the hair to the head, give the hairstyle the desired shape. In addition, you can use your fingers to lift the inner comb in places where you would like to add volume and finally fix everything with a spray of varnish.

Curling or ironing

You can beautifully style your hair for the holiday with the help of a curling iron or ironing. When creating curls, remember the main rule, the curl is good at which the hair looks natural. Curling locks, do not try to keep their shape perfect, better separate each curl with your fingers and keep it not combed so that it looks as if they were tattered by the wind. Model haircuts are best left smooth, you can only slightly twist the tips. At the haircuts and bob, the ends of the hair of the front strands curled onto the face look very piquant.

In continuation of the topic, we suggest you look at another 100 hairstyles for medium hair, which are performed in 5 minutes .

Use any styling methods, change the parting and cutting direction of the strands, diversify your appearance, and your life will become much more interesting and enjoyable.

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