How to style a haircut – options for every day

Side parting

This option is painfully familiar. But admit, do you often straighten your hair, and so it would seem, straight hair? And you try to make them perfectly smooth. A kind of bitch style.

A small basal volume looks beautiful. You can achieve it by lifting the hair at the roots when drying or using special tools.


Another option is how to diversify your image. Experiments with strands will refresh the image, give it uniqueness. It looks interesting when a lock of hair is pinned behind an ear. The parting zigzag looks unusual. This is a salvation for those with thin or thin hair.


The corrugation on short hair looks unusual. Using special forceps, incredible volume and beautiful waves are obtained. Moreover, it takes very little time to create a hairstyle.

Romantic curls

Curls are a great option for both a casual look and an evening look. If you do not want to spoil the curls with a curling iron, wind the strands on curlers or hairpins. The main thing is to choose the right curler so that the curls turn out the way you intended. Big or small wave, it all depends on your desire. Curls will not crumble in two hours if you blow dry them and fix with hairspray.

You are probably wondering how to style short hair. It seems to many that diversity is absent, but it is not. We have collected all the most beautiful and new hairstyles with short hair in our new review. Only simple and stylish styling.

Stylish bunch

Many are mistaken in thinking that a bun can be made only from long hair. If you have four of a kind, do not neglect this option. All you need to do is to collect the hair in a ponytail and make a bun, wrapping the hair around the tail. Then fix the result with studs and varnish. This light hairstyle is suitable for both office and home everyday affairs.

Careless caret

A bold hairstyle with deliberately careless strands will appeal to girls of all ages. Strands flying in different directions are very easy to depict. We apply mousse to wet hair and dry the strands separately. Even easier if you have a special hairdryer nozzle. Do not forget to varnish your hair! There is a unique way to make such strands using a hair curler, look at the video how to do it:

Experimenting with your hair daily, you yourself can invent interesting styling. Do not forget about accessories. Handmade hair jewelry is in trend. Tailored hairpins, brooches, ribbons, headbands will add a twist to the image, turn a simple hairstyle into a work of art.

You can change your usual caret by making a new caret shape or picking up another bang. It will refresh your image too.

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