How to make hair wavy?

How to make hair wavy? 1

Fashion for wavy hair, apparently never will. And therefore each owner of straight hair sooner or later thinks about how they can be made wavy, preferably quickly and without visiting hairdressing salons. But no matter how wiggly your hair is, long wavy, no matter if they are short or long, only a hairdresser can make them. And no need to fear for the health of their hair, modern tools make it possible to preserve their beauty and brilliance. But such a procedure is worth resorting to if you are going to make such a hairdo happy for a long time. If you are faced with the question of how to make beautiful wavy hair at home, but only for one evening, then you can use the following methods.

Curling tongs

Probably the easiest way to make straight hair wavy. But here it is necessary to be careful – you need to curl clean, dry hair, not forgetting the use of thermal protective agents. And after the procedure is completed, you need to fix the hairstyle with lacquer, if the hair is thick and heavy or you want to keep the curls longer. The undoubted plus of this method in the relative speed of creating hairstyles.


The good thing is that they can be used at least every day (an exception is heated hair rollers – they are advised to use 2 no more than once a week), they can sleep, and the time for a haircut also takes a bit. When it comes to papilotki or soft curlers, how to make your hair wavy clearly – just wind the hair with curlers, leave for the night, and in the morning we do the styling. And what to do when it is impossible to use them, for example, if you do not want to sleep with such an ornament or do you have no desire to wash your hair for the night? You can use the curlers just before the release “in the light.” Apply curling agents to washed and lightly dried hair. To do this, we tilt the head forward and gently comb the hair, evenly distributing the styling agent over the entire length. Next, carefully separate the strands, wind them into hair curlers and use a hair dryer to dry the hair completely. Hair curlers on the hair must be at least 20 minutes, otherwise the hair will not have time to take the desired shape. After drying, remove the hair curlers, wait until the hair is cool and gently separate the strands with your fingers. Ready hairstyle sprinkled with varnish.


Not sure how to make curvy wavy hair? Very simple, just braid for the night (naturally on washed and slightly dried hair) pigtails. The smaller the pigtail, the more luxurious and voluminous the hairstyle will be. In the morning pigtails are disassembled, we give shape to a hair-do and fix it with varnish. You can also twist wet hair in several small bunches, but it is less convenient than pigtails, for sleep and the effect of lush hair will also be smaller.

Manual styling

Sometimes the hair itself is slightly wavy, but how you want to make curls more clear! In this case, you should not torture the hair with tongs and curlers. All it takes is styling, combing and about 30 minutes of free time. Apply the gel (mousse) for styling on clean, slightly dried hair, slightly receding from the roots. Then we begin to beat the hair with your hands, sometimes collecting individual strands and squeezing them in a fist. We continue these actions until the hair is completely dry. During this procedure, you can speed up the process of drying hair with a hair dryer.

Hair straightener

How to make wavy hair ironing

How to make a wavy hair at home ironing? No, you will say, this device will only happen for straightening, you will say and you will be wrong. Wavy hair with the help of an ironing tool can be obtained, for this there are whole 3 methods, but before touching the hair ironer, apply a thermal protective agent on them.

  1. We turn the iron on 180, then we turn it to itself, we hold the ends of hair. This method is suitable for creating light waves.
  2. Constantly turn the rectifier, smoothly pushing it down through the hair.
  3. Turn the iron on the 180 down, slightly hold (1-2 cm) down and turn the 180 in the other direction. Thus we pass along the entire length of the hair.

With such simple methods you can achieve beautiful waves in your hair and please yourself and others with your haircut.

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