How to make hair straight?

At all times, thick fluffy curly hair was considered the jewel of a woman. Ladies and girls, gathering at the ball, sat for hours at the dressing table, building hair styles from elastic curls. But time goes on, fashion changes. Modern owners of chic hair “a la ram” or “rebellious wave” to migraines are struggling with the question of how to make curly and wavy hair perfectly straight, and forever. Well, let’s and we will try to understand this issue.

Why are they like that?

To understand how to make curly hair perfectly straight, you need to figure out why they curl. And in general, the structure of the hair should be known before you decide to mock him like that. So, the hair consists of a hair bulb and a rod. Hair follicle includes hair root, sweat and sebaceous glands, neurovascular papilla. The hair shaft consists of several layers of cells, which makes it strong, elastic and resilient. The main component of the rod is keratin – a complex protein whose structure consists of amino acids. If they line up in a chain, the hair grows straight. But it also happens that every cell of the amino acid has several “hands,” and she grabs her sisters with all of them. Well, if there are few such “multi-handles”, and if everything is? Here “they clutch each other with all” hands “, and it turns out to be a curl. The role of these “hands” is performed by hydrogen and disulfide bonds. So how do you make curly hair perfectly straight forever? Destroy these connections.

And since the chemistry of the organism is to blame for the formation of curls, then an effective weapon for combating them is also chemical. But experimenting with him at home is strictly prohibited. In salon, girls, in salon. With this type of straightening, a change in the structure of the hair occurs by destroying “extra” hydrogen and desulfide bonds. The result is amazing. Hair becomes perfectly straight, the effect lasts until the native roots begin to grow. But this misunderstanding is easily eliminated by the procedure of straightening the roots. Minus – possible scalp burns. But this phenomenon is extremely rare.

More ways

There are two more interesting ways of hair straightening in the arsenal of salons and hairdressing salons – biological and thermal. They are more benign, but the effect is also good. How to make curly hair perfectly straight using these methods?

With the biological method of hair straightening occurs due to the impact on them of natural amino acids, for example, cysteine. The destruction of the cells does not occur, the hair remains intact, but it becomes perfectly straight and smooth. The effect lasts up to 6 months.

Thermal straightening is considered to be even more benign, but no less effective. It is produced using special steel and brass hairbrushes. A slight impact will straighten hair by 60%, average by 75, and strong – by 100. Moreover, the hair will not lose its natural healthy glow at all. Minus – this procedure takes too much time, so it is often used only in certain areas of the head. For example, to smooth the bangs.

Salon at home

But how to make lush hair perfectly straight at home, and is it really? Of course, of course. There are also three methods here. Cosmetic straightening is the use of various shampoos, masks, lotions, balms and conditioners with the effect of straightening. You can buy them at any pharmacy. Here only it is necessary to apply these means in a complex and constantly.

How to make curly hair straight

Straightening with a styler or ironing – with relatives thermal straightening, only at home. The iron is better to buy with a ceramic or tourmaline coating. Before the procedure, wash your hair, apply a styling agent and a heat-protective balm on wet hair and dry them. “Ironing” can only be dry hair.The temperature should not exceed 120 degrees, and you can use the iron no more than 3 times a week.

Well, of course, the old-fashioned way of straightening with a hair dryer and comb. But it is enough only for one time or before the first moisture on the hair. On the other hand, this method is the most accessible and gentle.

Let’s sum up

So, we looked at 6 ways to make curly hair straight. Which of them to use is up to you. However, remember curliness is a genetic property. Should I change it?

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