How to make a Greek hairstyle?

In recent years, the Greek style, both in clothing and hairstyles, has gained great popularity, and the image of the ancient goddess, combining, on the one hand, elegance, grace and sophistication, and on the other, convenience and simplicity, does not lose its leading position in fashion trends. Today, Greek hairstyles, which are easy to do with their own hands, are confidently included not only in the arsenal of festive and evening hairstyles, but also in business as well as casual style.

Variety of Greek hairstyles

Greek hairstyle – A great option for long and medium hair length, especially curly by nature. But if the hair is straight – it does not matter, in this case, you can use curlers or use a curling iron, after applying the styling agent for fixation.

There are many options for hairstyles in the Greek style. All of them are diverse, but they are united by the presence of flowing curly locks, as well as “airiness”, ease of implementation. We list the main types of hairstyles in the Greek style:

  • Greek knot;
  • carimbos;
  • hairstyle hetera;
  • lampadion;
  • greek tail;
  • Greek Spit;
  • Apollo bow and others.

Greek hairstyles involve the use of accessories – one only for attaching hair, others – for decoration. Weaving a Greek hairstyle is a whole art in which you can show all your imagination and originality, but anyone can learn it if they wish. For beginners in this business is better to start with simple hairstyles. Let us consider how to make a Greek hairstyle at home on the example of a simple version with a ribbon or a bandage.

How to make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage?

To create a Greek-style hairstyle with a bandage or ribbon, you can use store accessories or hand-made accessories. The main thing is that they are combined with a wardrobe and fit the style. Very convenient and practical for fixing the hair bandage-gum or headband-gum, presented today in a fairly wide range.

  1. So, choosing bandageand also having armed with hairpins or invisible beings, we will start formation of a hairdress.
  2. On curled wide strands (but you can and straight) hair, divided into a straight parting, put on a bandage.
  3. From the two front small strands, on one and the other side, weave loose strings and thread their ends through a bandage, slightly pulling and straightening.
  4. Further, braiding the next strands, also wrap them under the bandage from the face to the back of the head, so that in the middle there remains a small tail.
  5. The remaining tail is divided into two equal strands and weave a bundle of them.
  6. Pull the obtained harness under the bandage, wrap, fasten with a pin.
  7. Fix hair hair spray.

Hair is ready. To give a slight negligence, you can stretch a few thin strands before you use varnish.

This hairstyle is especially relevant for long-haired girls in the hot season, because it not only looks very stylish and beautiful, but also allows you to remove hair from your shoulders and face.

A few tips on creating a Greek hairstyle:

  1. Chubby girls are better left to look peeking out from under the bandages combed hair, which will visually lengthen the face.
  2. For narrow-faced young ladies, it is recommended to pre-make basal bouffant, especially on the side strands, thereby giving the hair volume. A bandage in this case is best placed at the very base of the forehead.
  3. Owners of the oval face bandage can be positioned a little asymmetrically or use decorative elements on the side.

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