How to lay elongated caret – curls and straightening

A long caret has a beautiful, relevant and feminine haircut, which is suitable for any age. She also looks good on both straight and curly hair. Even the owners of not the thickest hair can choose her. Just in addition to the beautiful and correct execution of the mentioned haircut, an important point is its appropriate styling.

So beautiful ladies are created that they seek to try in hairstyles that which they do not possess by nature. Therefore, beauties with straight hair tend to curl them. And curly-haired girls – straighten.

What do you need to stock up to try to add an interesting twist to the haircut? So you will need:

• means for protecting hair during heat styling; 
• foam or mousse for hair styling; 
• lacquer strong or medium fixation; 
• brush brushing; 
• brush with rare large teeth; 
• hair dryer; 
• an iron or curling iron for straightening and curling hair; 
• invisible, rubber bands, hairpins, hairpins.

It is worth noting that straightening curls or, conversely, twisting the ends of the hair while the hair is still wet, is allowed only with a hairdryer and comb-brushing. But curling irons and irons can be used only on dry hair, so as not to injure them. In addition, curling or straightening wet hair with the help of the mentioned tongs will not give the proper effect due to the remaining moisture. And all your efforts will go to dust: curls will unwind, and curls will not straighten.

laying a square with curls on one side

Grunge style

Recently, two styling options remain relevant: a classic flat or slightly curled and asymmetric in grunge style. A more versatile option involves even styling with tips curled inwards or outwards. Curls in this case can be large, laid in one direction. This styling is great for the office. Anyway, it will be appropriate for everyone, always and everywhere.

Most modern options include a curl from the middle of the hair. Stacking can be done with a random distribution of strands. The tips curl in different directions, which adds to the hairstyle volume, audacity, freshness and rebellion. This styling is good for young ladies and parties. It’s good to start new projects and change your life for the better.

light curls in a hairstyle
styling with curled curls of elongated caret
beautiful feminine styling
option of laying a short square on its side
careless laying of a square on one side
laying curls with volumetric curls
laying a square with curls on the edges

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