How to hide figure flaws with clothes

It seems that in the world there is not a single girl who would be 100% satisfied with her appearance, even if she is perfect in the eyes of others – someone wants to have a more voluminous chest, someone has longer legs, and someone – narrower waist.

Today we will share some tricks that will help visually adjust the figure.

There are three ways to hide flaws.

1) Distract attention – i.e. Do not focus on problem areas (for example, many girls are not happy with their hips, but wear only skinny jeans that emphasize all imperfections or are not happy with their tummy and try to hide it behind draperies in the waist area, but the effect is exactly the opposite).

Here it is worth mentioning such important things as the choice of clothing size and type of fabric. Do not try to squeeze into smaller clothes, this will further emphasize what you want to hide. But also do not go to the other extreme and wear dimensionless hoodies – so you will look even larger and also sloppy. It is best to choose clothes according to their size so that a little air remains between the body and clothes. By the way, the selection of the right size also applies to underwear – string strings that bite into the ass or wrinkles under the armpits on the back of a too small bra have not decorated anyone.

Corporate girls should avoid both thin materials (thin knitwear, satin), which show all the folds and imperfections that I would like to hide, and voluminous, textured materials (velvet, velveteen) and materials that hold their shape rigidly (neoprene). It is better to choose either dense materials that will “collect” the figure, or medium density, which will delicately flow through the body.

In the photo on the left – Ashley Graham’s poor choice of fabrics and lengths – a too voluminous sweater and too thin skirt of the wrong length, which emphasized all the shortcomings and hid the virtues. And in general, the image looks pretty messy.
And the photo on the right shows that the right fabric, style and length work wonders.

We remember 2 rules: firstly, if we don’t want to draw attention to any part of the body, we don’t have to tighten it and vice versa, and secondly, the filled space (print, embroidery, lace, beads, sequins and other decor) seems more monophonic space, respectively, if you need to hide the flaws, then choose plain, smooth, matte materials, if we want to emphasize the merits or add volume, then we choose things with print, decor, active texture.

A girl in a burgundy skirt added volume to her hips, wearing an accent skirt and a laconic crop top. And the girl on the right added volume to the upper body, choosing a blouse with a print and voluminous sleeves.

The hips of the girl seem more voluminous due to the print on the trousers than the girl on the right, who chose plain trousers. In addition, the accent print draws our attention to the legs of the girl on the left, while the girl on the right, we primarily pay attention to the scarf.

2) To shift the emphasis – i.e. we distract the attention of others from the problem areas, shifting the emphasis to our advantages. In my work, I often come across girls who are ready to write a whole treatise when asked about their shortcomings (often imaginary), and when asked about their merits, I don’t have them. But let’s look at ourselves less critically and find something good. For example, you have wide hips, but beautiful breasts – emphasize it with a beautiful neckline or pendant on the neck. If you have wide shoulders, then show slender legs, wearing a mini skirt or accent shoes. You can emphasize a beautiful long neck by unbuttoning a couple of buttons on a shirt or wearing interesting long earrings. Roll up your sleeves – this will emphasize the thin wrists and as a whole will make the image more “light”.

In this image, Ashley Graham’s plus-size model, you see that the emphasis is on the virtues of the girl – beautiful breasts, thin wrists and ankles, a feminine transition from the waist to the hips.

3) Use vertical or horizontal accents – can be used to correct both the entire figure and individual parts of the body.

Here you need to remember a simple thing – vertical lines stretch and slim, horizontal – reduce growth and expand.
If your goal is to add yourself a couple of centimeters of growth and / or look slimmer, then use vertical accents:

Monochrome – costume ensembles, selected in the same color or shades of the same color, visually stretch the silhouette. In addition, this combination of colors is the most simple and understandable for perception and allows you to create a calm and elegant image.

In the first shot, Ashley Graham in a monochrome bow looks much slimmer and taller than in the photo on the right, where the use of contrasting colors and horizontal lines made her visually lower, shortened her legs and deprived her waist.

Vertical fasteners, long vertical jewelry on the neck, arrows or stripes on the trousers also stretch the figure. Open jackets, vests, cardigans, coats, etc. also create a vertical. But remember that this works if they are in a contrasting color with respect to what is worn under them.

And if you want your legs to start “from the ears”, then use this technique – put on trousers on the floor and high heel shoes that will not stand out from the trousers, and voila! Your legs are longer at the height of the heel.
By the way, this is Victoria Beckham’s favorite technique, whose height is only 163 cm.

You should not give a horizontal line where you do not want to attract attention – if you are not happy with your hips, don’t put on a mini or jacket that will end in the widest part of the hips, this will make them even more visually wider. It is better to put on a skirt just below the knees, which will end at the narrowest point of the leg, or a jacket about to the hip bone.

Angelina Jolie (the owner of the figure is an inverted triangle – the shoulders are wider than the hips) chose a peplum dress that added volume to her hips, which helped to balance the broad shoulders.

And if you have wide shoulders, then you should abandon the notch-boat, shoulder pads, sleeves, flashlights, and if the waist is not pronounced, then you should not emphasize this with a belt. And please, avoid the common mistake of buying boots that end in the widest part of the lower leg, unless of course your goal is to add volume to this place.

Pay attention to how chic Angelina Jolie looks in a dress with an asymmetrical top and how her boat neckline extends her shoulders).

And finally, let’s talk about the law of proportionality – the small against the background of the large looks even smaller, and the large against the background of the small looks even larger. What do you need to remember? Choose accessories to suit your physique. Delicious girls will look even larger when using miniature handbags, minimalistic jewelry, thin belts and jumpers on shoes, and thin and sonorous will be even thinner against the background of bulky bags and massive shoes.

See how painfully thin Victoria Beckham looks against the backdrop of a huge bag that is not sized to fit. But the blogger Nicoletta Mason would be better suited a more voluminous bag.

Author – Ekaterina Rostova, stylist

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