How to extend the life of a leather bag?

Genuine leather accessories are well-deserved due to the combination of stylish appearance and proven durability. Experienced fashion designers tirelessly experiment with shapes, colors, jewelry, but invariably use a pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant material as the basis for their creations. A large selection of products allows you to purchase a leather bag over your shoulder or a neat purse for everyday use.

Despite their excellent durability, leather handbags still need careful care. If you do not want to say goodbye to your favorite thing a few months after the purchase, you should pay attention to simple details. The most interesting and useful tips we will discuss in this article.

Top 15 life hacks for all occasions

  1. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened in a mild, soapy solution. To do this, dilute a little liquid soap in warm, running water, and run it over the fabric, destroying the dirt and dust that settled in the day.
  2. Avoid alcohol-based cleaning products, as well as textile stain removers and wet wipes. They can not only leave ugly stains, but also enter into a chemical reaction with the skin, destroying its original shine and color brightness.
  3. Do not let the product be wet. Caught in the rain? Remove any remaining drops in a timely manner and allow the bag to dry at room temperature.
  4. If there are stains on things that cannot be eliminated at home, you should not switch to tougher products like vinegar or solvent. So you are guaranteed to spoil the look of your favorite clutch. It is better to take it to dry cleaning.
  5. Is it necessary to leave a purse for a while in a closet? So that it does not lose shape, it is necessary to fill the space with clean textile. Forget the outdated newspaper clippings: printing paper can leave traces of ink.
  6. Did something greasy drip onto the surface? It is enough to soak it with dry, disposable napkins or a cloth without large lint.
  7. No need to save on care products: cheap sprays can have the opposite effect and leave a plaque, which is very difficult to get rid of. It is better to spend a substantial amount on quality care once than to buy a new accessory instead of a damaged one. Be sure to choose only those creams, etc., that are designed for a certain type of material (that is, suede jars can not be used on patent leather).
  8. After evening hand care and cream treatment, you do not need to touch the product until it is completely dry. This provokes the appearance of greasy stains and spots, which even dry cleaning can not cope with.
  9. Do not neglect the boot! It helps protect the bag from dirt, moisture, and dust, which extends its life. If the kit did not have anther, you can use old, clean pillowcases made of natural, breathable material (cotton, linen).
  10. Do not leave the clutch in the open sun: the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays will cause the surface to tarnish and cause microcracks. Store the product in a dark place, avoiding window sills and street light.
  11. So that the accessory does not absorb unpleasant, extraneous odors, it is enough to leave a bag with a baking powder for 24 hours a month once in a month. The substance actively eliminates any “aromas”, preventing their further appearance.
  12. Wallets made in light colors should not be worn with clothes of dark colors, especially with winter coats and jackets. When exposed to rain and snow, wardrobe items can discreetly emit a dye that leaves hard to remove traces on a white surface.
  13. They didn’t cope with a difficult spot even in dry cleaning? Choose a high-quality shoe polish that is completely identical in color to your handbag, and apply it to the stained area in a small amount. Such a tricky trick does not always work, but can even revive unpresentable, shabby things.
  14. Avoid using emollients for your skin like stretchers: they deform the material and reduce its life.
  15. Avoid proximity to sharp-cutting and painting objects.

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